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Safe for Work: Psychological Safety in the Workplace

In 2020, companies have overcome extraordinary circumstances, often with incredible agility, and our research suggests that many will emerge even more resilient and innovative as a result of the disruption they have conquered.

Top In Tech 2020

Discover how leading tech organisations drive innovation, productivity and diversity during COVID-19.

Europe's Best Workplaces™ 2020

See all 125 ranked organisations and discover how leaders of these award-winning workplaces are shaping their company culture amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Stress and Wellbeing at Work: A European Outlook

In our latest research, over 900 European organisations were asked by Great Place to Work® to share their executives’ views on stress issues and wellbeing practices – bringing about some fascinating results.

2020 Women at Work  Report

Uncover key insights and best practices for creating a more gender-inclusive workplace

2020 Best Workplaces™ Special Report

Find out which UK organisations are leading the way in developing award-winning workplace cultures for all


Hiring Across Europe

Learn the future of recruitment and key practices being adopted for Millennial and Gen Z talent

Defining the World's Best Workplaces 2019

Great Place to Work's largest-ever workplace culture study

2019 Top in Tech

 Learn valuable insights, key metrics and innovative practices from the UK's Best Workplaces™ in Tech 2019.


Supporting Working Carers: A Growing Challenge


 Created in partnership with Carers UK, our 2019 Carers Report provides actionable insight into building a sustainable carer friendly workplace culture


Carers Paper 2019 logos highres


2019 Women at Work


 Learn valuable insights and people practices from the 2019 Best Workplaces™  for Women.


2019 Great Workplaces Publication

Find out which UK organisations lead the way in workplace culture and gain insight on how Best Workplaces™ deliver a heightened employee experience.

Recruitment & Retention

What are the key trends in recruitment and retention, and how can Great Place to Work help you attract and retain the best?

Build a Culture of Wellbeing

Learn the business case for putting wellbeing at the forefront of your people strategy and how your organisation can obtain official recognition for 'Excellence in Wellbeing'.

Women at Work

Key insights and learnings from our first-ever Best Workplaces for Women 2018 list

2018 Great Workplaces Special Report

Learn who made the Best Workplaces list and how these top organisations are addressing  the key issues facing HR professionals today.

Doing Great in Tech 

Insights and Case Studies from the 2018 UK Best Workplaces in IT

The Bottom Line - Measuring the ROI in Engagement

Created in partnership with HR Zone, our report explores how organisations can create and sustain an engaged workforce.

In Partnership With:



Biotechnology and Pharma - Key Insights

Learn why organisations in the Biotech and Pharma sector have high levels of employee engagement creating better attraction, retention,  and financial performance. 

The Multi-Generational Workforce

Download for valuable insight  on how to successfully recruit, engage, reward and retain a multi generational workforce.

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