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Pioneers of Trust at Europe's Best Workplaces: ONE Group Solutions

Pioneers of Trust at Europe's Best Workplaces - One Group Solutions
6 February 2024

ONE Group Solutions has been providing investment fund governance solutions since 2019. And this year, they ranked as Luxembourg’s #2 Best Medium-Sized Workplace and one of Europe’s Best Workplaces in the Medium category.

The company’s 80 employees represent 23 different nationalities, but continuously strive to work as ONE. Their roadmap to success? Ownership that empowers employees, and inclusion that builds unity. 


Great leaders don’t do everything themselves 

“We’ve cultivated a culture that ensures every team member feels they have a significant role in accomplishing the company’s objectives,” says Steve Bernat, co-founder and CEO. “After six months of employment, we offer employees free shares in the company (bar tax). This instills a sense of inclusion, which is a vital element for fostering team satisfaction and overall happiness.” 


Inclusive decision-making 

Steve says the key to leadership is letting go. “Great leaders recognise that they can’t do everything themselves,” Steve continues. “When you trust your team members and delegate tasks, you create a sense of ownership and investment in the company’s success. I actively involve employees in decision-making whenever possible. I ask their input on key initiatives, ideas for improvements and the future direction of the company.” 

Valentine Danloy, Business Development Partner, says that trust is visible in what leadership does, and also in what they don’t do. “No one is checking what time you arrive and what time you leave the office. If your work is done well and on time and your client is satisfied, that’s most important. We all trust each other here. We’re all committed to excellence, so we stay late when we need to. Satisfying clients is always a priority. And since we work in an environment where people are in a good mood and work together, we get there: happy employees lead to happy clients.” 


Keeping things flat 

Valentine attributes some of that happiness to ONE Group Solutions’ flat organisational structure and lack of hierarchy. “With no formal hierarchy, everyone is considered important. Whether junior or senior, you’re treated equally. Your opinions and ideas matter just as much as any others. And since we’re on equal footing, communication is clear and straightforward.” 

Steve agrees. “The flat organisational structure is one way we promote open and transparent communication. We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace in which all employees feel valued and respected. Everyone, regardless of seniority, works in the same open workspace. Everyone enjoys the same options to work remotely or have flexible work hours. All of these things help improve satisfaction and work/life balance.” 


A once-in-a-lifetime culture 

“When I talk to my friends about work, I always recognize how unique ONE is,” Valentine says. “I’ve never met anyone who works in a company like ours. I believe that’s because of the combination of all the different aspects of our culture: no formal hierarchy, our ONE team mentality, the flexibility, positivity and client-orientation. Some of my friends have some of those aspects in their work culture, but none of them have all five. That’s our added value.” 

Steve says that being named one of Europe’s Best Workplaces is evidence of that unique combination, and its tangible benefits for the company. “Our culture of trust and our nomination have significantly boosted employee engagement and retention. When colleagues feel valued, heard and trusted, they are more likely to stay. But our nomination also enhanced our employer brand, making it easier to attract top talent in a competitive job market. Also, happy and engaged employees tend to provide better customer service. That’s why our happy employees – and their commitment – have also led to high customer satisfaction and loyalty.” 


Communicating isn’t talking 

“Effective communication is key to building trust,” Steve continues. “But communication isn’t just about talking, it’s also about active listening. Great leaders use various communication channels and adapt their style to connect with different individuals and foster understanding and collaboration. Open and transparent communication helps employees feel informed and valued. Regular updates on company goals, performance and changes can reduce uncertainty and improve overall satisfaction. I make a concerted effort to be highly accessible and approachable.” 

And, according to Valentine, accessibility is evident at ONE. “There are plenty of both official and non-official moments to share ideas and feedback. Take our development meetings with managers and HR every six months. These are open discussions where any feedback or input is always seen positively. We all work toward a common goal and management reinforces that daily. But I prefer the non-official channels of communication – while having lunch with team members, having coffee, whenever. No matter your background, seniority, nationality or age, your ideas are always carefully listened to and heard.” 


Let go of the reins 

Want to become one of Europe’s Best Workplaces like ONE Group Solutions? Offer your employees a literal stake in your company’s future. Break down the silos and hierarchies and treat each other as equals. And keep communication flowing through trust, true ownership and positivity. In that way, no matter how many employees you have, you’ll all operate as ONE. 


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