We're your one-stop shop for workplace culture consultancy and recognition as a great employer through our Best Workplace awards.

Great workplaces are built on trust.

It drives the employee experience, improving business and financial performance.
We can help you build and maintain your own high trust, high performing workplace.

Understand your culture

Insights into your culture come from the Trust Index employee survey which tells us what employees think about their workplace and our Culture Audit which evaluates the leadership and people practices that create your culture. Together they tell a compelling story about your workplace and how it compares to others. Our job is to tell that story and identify key areas for improvement.

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Take action that gets results

Turning survey insights into Action, action that gets results, is key to achieving your people and business objectives. Putting employees at the heart of everything we do, we start by looking at what you want to achieve. Our ACTION consultants will design a tailored programme of continuous improvement to help you achieve your objectives, driven by a cycle of Survey, Insight, Action and Review.

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Improve the bottom line

High trust cultures enjoy better financial results. Research shows Best Workplaces outperform the market by 2-3% a year over a 25 year period. They have strong leadership, a talented workforce and are more collaborative, more innovative. They recognise that every employee has the potential to contribute great ideas, untapping brilliance and competiveness throughout the business.

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Earn external recognition

Having a great workplace is a powerful employer branding tool. If your organisation has a high trust culture and a great employee experience, official recognition as one of the UK's Best Workplaces will give you that important competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, talent which will help deliver your organisation's business goals.

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Why Great Place to Work?


  • We conduct the world's largest study of workplace cultures so we know what makes a great workplace.

  • We share that knowledge through our extensive database of effective people practices.

  • We’re the only consultancy to comprehensively audit the practices that create a workplace culture as well as surveying employees’ views of it.

  • This provides a unique gap analysis between what organisations think they are delivering and what is actually being delivered.

  • We can survey employees in over 50 countries, with local translations. We offer paper surveys and can analyse survey data from other providers.

  • We work with international brands, PLCs and smaller organisations of 20 employees so there's not much we can't handle.

  • We're global which means global surveys, benchmarks, insights and recognition as a Best Workplace at national, regional and global level.

  • Our extensive benchmarking is consistently updated using the data from our annual Best Workplace Programmes.
  • The UK's Best Workplaces are the only awards still published in print format. This is distributed through key national press.

Here are just some of the UK's Best Workplaces. Could you be one of them?

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