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Transform your workplace culture from the inside out​

At Great Place To Work® we offer change and culture consulting services to support organisations on their journey to building great workplace cultures. 

Change Consulting
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Popular Change & Culture Consulting Services

Whether you use our employee survey platform or your own, our change and culture consulting programmes include the following services:

Service 1

Employee Focus Groups and Interviews​

Really get to the heart of employee concerns and understand desired solutions via impartial and confidential exploration of the whys behind your survey results.

Service 3

Values & Culture Programmes

Deep dive into your culture using our innovative mix of surveys, 1:1 sessions and group workshops to create, review and embed values within your organisation.

Service 4

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development​

Support your leaders to get the most from their role, work effectively as a team and deliver what the organisation needs with our coaching and development programmes.

Service 6-1

Action Planning Workshops

Identify the underlying root causes of issues, and identify where your organisation should focus its change programme to achieve particular objectives.

Service 6

DEIB Insight, Workshops and Training

We use analytics and insight gathering techniques to understand lived experience, make recommendations and drive a culture of belonging. Our training and workshops upskill and support organisations on the DEIB journey.

Service 2

Wellbeing Programmes

We offer expert wellbeing insights, training and can deep-dive into critical areas (i.e. uncovering workplace stressors and solutions) to get to the heart of wellbeing experience in your organisation.

"A lot of people came to our strategy, having understood the words, but post the session now really understand the why, what and how. They have emotionally connected with the strategy and understand the role they play. Thank you for making it a success and sharing your insights. "

National HR Director

"The real value of this programme was that it challenged us to reflect on our impact as a collective team, and helped us to take practical, tactical steps that have made a real difference to our team and the organisation." 

HR Director

"The focus group run by our Great Place To Work Consultant has helped us understand, from an external perspective, where key areas of focus should be. It has also allowed us to benchmark ourselves against other retailers and understand what we do well and not so well."

CSR & HR Director


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