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Certification Badge Usage Guide

You’ve earned the right to display the Great Place To Work Certification badge proudly, royalty-free for the next 12 months. 

About Your Badge

Recognised & Trusted Globally

Your badge is the globally recognised and trusted symbol of excellence and indicates your company is committed to consistently providing your people with a positive, supportive, and fulfilling work environment.

Employee-Based Feedback

Unlike other workplace awards, the Great Place To Work Certification badge is earned solely based on the feedback from your employees. You can trust it represents an authentic and meaningful “for all” experience, because your people said so.

Your Recruitment Advantage

Job seekers are looking for more than just a paycheck. With your badge, you showcase your commitment to creating an exceptional workplace culture and will attract the best candidates to join your team.


The promotion of this great achievement calls for a full-colour badge in most instances. Whether digital or print, we’ve got the right file for you. Below you can find the specific colour breakdowns to make sure your badge is reproduced accurately. 

Pantone: Red 032C 
R 255 / G 022 / B 040 
C 000 / M 098 / Y 089 / K 000 
Hex #FF1628 

GPTW Navy  
Pantone: 662C 
R 000 / G 033 / B 113 
C 100 / M 094 / Y 025 / K 019 
Hex #002171 


Certified Colour-8

Alternate Options

In cases where reproducing a full-colour badge is not feasible for merchandise, we offer the option to use a one-colour version in either black or white. These alternative colour files must be requested and will be provided as an as needed basis. 

One-Colour Black

R 000 / G 000 / B 000
C 000 / M 000 / Y 000 / K 000
Hex #000000

One-Colour White

R 255 / G 255 / B 255

No Greyscale Version

Do not convert the full colour version to greyscale. Instead please request a black version. 

Colour Mode + File Formats

Simply put, RGB is the color mode intended for screen displays, while CMYK is the color mode intended for printing with ink. We export Certification Badges in a variety of file formats and color profiles, so you have exactly what you need to promote in any application you’d like.

The color mode is often predefined by the file format, but can sometimes be changed or accidentally overridden. For further guidance on which file format to use for your end-use case see the file format section below. 

  • Web Friendly
  • RGB Color Mode
  • Raster Format
  • Unscalable
  • Transparent Background
  • Can be web or print friendly 
  • Can be RGB or CMYK
  • Raster Format 
  • Unscalable 
  • Opaque Background
  • Web Friendly
  • RGB Color Mode
  • Vector Format
  • Scalable
  • Print Friendly
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • Vector Format
  • Scalable


Anytime the badge is used, there must be a consistent amount of space around the badge at all times. This is to ensure readability and recognition of the logo. 

The addition of a white 0.25 pt stroke may be added the exterior of the badge when the background offers little or no contrast.
Badge Spacing


We try to make the badge easy to use for you and your workplace, but we get that not everyone has access to a design team. We understand mistakes happen, but altering the badge in any way can harm the credibility of your badge, and nobody wants that. We’ve listed a few things here that you’ll want to avoid.

Badge Usage
GPTW Certified Badge

Access your Certification Badge

Download your most recent Certification Badge files in your Portal.