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I Didn't Get Certified™. Now What?

7 July 2022

So, you’ve filled in your Culture Brief™, your employees have completed their survey, and you’re awaiting your results.

Of course, every company hopes they’ll achieve a Trust Index™ score of 65% and be Certified right out the gate. But what if that doesn’t happen?

Keep reading to find out your next steps if you don’t achieve Certification™ first time around.


You’re on the Right Path

First off, don’t be disheartened. Of course it’s disappointing not to get that shiny badge you were hoping for, but creating a truly great workplace culture is a journey. It’s about more than achieving recognition – it’s about listening to what your employees truly need and making those changes.

By surveying your employees, you’ve already taken the first step. Great Place to Work® won’t share your results with anyone, so now’s the time to reflect on what they can tell you.

Next Steps

In Emprising™, you’ll now have all the information you need to start levelling up your culture. Take a look at the scores you received, and start to unpick where your employees think you can improve the most. Your survey results are designed to be actionable, so going statement by statement can help you start to see where changes could be made.

For example, if you scored low on “Management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas”, think about how you could implement more space for employees to submit their ideas. Could you have a weekly call, an anonymous suggestion box, or a direct Slack or Teams channel with upper management?

Doing this for each statement is how you’ll improve your employee experience and boost your scores next time around.

Need a Helping Hand?

Some statements will be easier than others to improve on, and trying to overhaul an entire company culture is no mean feat. That’s why we offer consulting services to support organisations on their journey to building great workplace cultures.

Our Insight Consulting service allows organisations to dive deeper into understanding their employee experience through post-survey feedback presentations, workshops and focus groups. If you didn’t achieve Certification™ and you’re looking to understand why and improve, this could be perfect for you.

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Time to Try Again

Once you’ve implemented some changes – and, depending on how in-depth those changes are, this might not be a quick process - you can give Certification™ another try. Hopefully, this time around your scores will reflect all the hard work you’ve put in and you’ll get your hands on the badge to prove it.

Want to learn more about the journey to Certification™️ and Best Workplaces™️?

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