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5 Ways to Support Employees Undergoing Fertility Treatment

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14 December 2023

Reproductive health is an essential aspect of overall wellbeing, and as society becomes more open to discussing fertility issues, workplaces are realising the importance of providing support to staff undergoing fertility treatment. Taking proactive steps in this area is vital to ensuring a supportive and inclusive work environment for these employees. Keep reading for 5 ways employers can support their people through fertility treatment.

Supporting Employees Through Fertility Treatment: A Guide for Employers

Creating a supportive work environment for employees undergoing fertility treatment is not only beneficial for their wellbeing but also for the overall productivity and morale of the company.

Steps Employers Can Take to Support Employees During Fertility Treatment

Supporting employees undergoing fertility treatment requires a comprehensive approach that addresses their physical, emotional, and financial needs. By implementing the following steps, employers can create an inclusive and supportive environment:

  1. Educate and raise awareness: Foster a culture of understanding and empathy by providing educational resources and raising awareness about fertility issues. Encourage open conversations and destigmatise the topic. Employers can organise workshops or seminars to educate employees about the various aspects of fertility treatment. These sessions can cover topics such as common fertility challenges, available treatment options, and the emotional impact of the journey. By equipping employees with knowledge, employers empower them to be more supportive and understanding of their colleagues.

  2. Implement flexible policies: Flexibility is key when it comes to supporting employees undergoing fertility treatment. Create flexible policies that allow employees to attend medical appointments and undergo treatments without fear of adverse consequences. Offer options like remote work or adjusted schedules to accommodate their needs.

  3. Build a support network: Establish employee resource groups or support networks specifically for individuals undergoing fertility treatment. This provides a safe space for employees to connect and share experiences. Individuals can come together to tell their stories, seek advice, and provide emotional support to one another. This sense of community can help employees feel understood, validated, and less isolated during their journey.

  4. Offer emotional support: Provide access to counseling or Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that offer emotional support and guidance to employees and their partners throughout the fertility treatment journey. The emotional toll of fertility treatment can be significant, and employers can play a crucial role in supporting their employees' mental wellbeing. By offering access to counseling services or EAPs, employers can help employees navigate the complex emotions that often accompany fertility treatment and provide coping strategies to manage stress.

  5. Consider fertility benefits: Explore the feasibility of offering fertility benefits as part of the employee benefits package. These benefits can encompass coverage for fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI), as well as fertility preservation options like egg freezing. Additionally, employers can explore adoption assistance programs to provide financial support and resources for employees considering alternative paths to parenthood.

By incorporating these steps into their workplace practices, employers can create an inclusive and supportive environment that acknowledges and respects the unique challenges faced by employees undergoing fertility treatment.

Enhancing workplace support for employees undergoing fertility treatment is not only the right thing to do from an ethical perspective but also makes good business sense. By implementing supportive policies and practices, employers can foster an environment that prioritises employee wellbeing, ensuring a positive and productive work environment for all.


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