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How the UK's Best Workplaces in Tech Leverage Culture to Stay Ahead

5 September 2023

In a fast and ever-evolving industry, one thing seems to be consistent across the tech sector - its ability to adapt quickly to the constantly moving goal posts of what makes a great workplace.



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Softcat plc (Best Overall)

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Credera UK



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Talos360 (Best Overall)



Addresscloud Limited

BlakYaks (Best Overall)





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Insights from our listmakers

Tech is one of the UK’s busiest and fastest-growing industries, containing around 400 high-growth start-ups and a valuation of $1 trillion (£785 billion), surpassed only by the US and China.1

The latest government estimates predict that this growth isn't slowing down anytime soon - with an estimated 678,000 new jobs in the sector forecasted by 2025.

While certainly exciting, this continued exponential growth is not without its challenges. And with most tech firms boasting flexible work models and impressive perks, Talent Acquisition teams will need to work even harder to present a culture attractive enough to cut through the noise.

"Team" sits top of the list

The UK’s Best Workplaces in Tech™ are adept at developing dynamic, collaborative cultures that serve as a catalyst for innovation and personal growth for all. And it works!

Great Place To Work analysis shows employees at these organisations place the highest value on teamwork over and above benefits and reward – with 86% of employees at awarded companies saying “I want to work here for a long time”, compared to just 67% at other nonlisted tech organisations.

Across roles and seniorities, and among hybrid, remote and in-person staff, employee comments show the importance of building a 'team feeling.

“What we see in our awarded organisations is a strong spirit of solidarity existing in tandem with frequent opportunities for collaboration and social connection, all of which are what tech employees themselves have told us makes theirs such a fantastic place to work,” says James Bufton, Organisational Trends Analyst at Great Place To Work UK.

It starts with feedback

Central to Best Workplace cultures across the sectors is continuously obtaining feedback from all employees. Regular pulse surveys, mental health check-ins, focus groups, or tailored events are often used as methods for monitoring progress and making informed decisions on which aspects of the culture leaders should invest in, adapt, or eliminate.

“No matter how fast the industry grows or what innovations may enter the market, tech leaders who speak to their people, give them a voice, and act quickly on feedback will always be able to adapt their culture to align with their employees’ ever-changing needs and ideas of what it means to be a great place to work,” says Claire Knights, Director of Growth and Recognition at Great Place To Work UK.

Key Takeaway

If tech firms wish to hold onto their talent, leaders should prioritise creating a strong team spirit with frequent opportunities for employees to collaborate on projects and grow their skills simultaneously to cultivating friendships at work.


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