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Supportive, Caring Cultures at the UK's Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance

UK's Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance
14 September 2023

Contributing billions to the economy every year, Financial Services & Insurance are some of the largest sectors in the country, involving millions of employees and impacting the lives of the entire population.

Employees at these organisations feel a sense of purpose, trust in their leaders, and are proud of what they do and where they work.



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Insights from our listmakers

The sector’s notoriety for creating high-pressure work environments and a competitive culture stressing results has sustained for decades.

In our analysis of the 2023 UK’s Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance, it’s clear these firms have developed cultures that tap into the thrill of competition whilst also prioritising people’s wellbeing and job satisfaction alongside business performance.

Learning & Development at the UK's Best Workplaces in Financial Services and Insurance

According to LinkedIn’s global learning study, providing sufficient learning opportunities is the number one way organisations can improve their employee retention.

Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance have heeded employees’ call for advancement; mapping learning to business goals and accelerating workers’ skills journey with flexible L&D opportunities using a top-down approach.

Comments from employees working at the awarded organisations revealed excitement for the multitude of learning and growth opportunities available to them. As one respondent shared:

“The learning and development opportunities that have been provided to me since joining the firm have far exceeded my expectations. The senior team members work closely with the wider team and create an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.”

Remember your managers

Bridging the gap between executives and employees means managers wear many hats and will frequently jump between the innumerable demands of both groups.

Ensuring managers are equipped with the skills and resources they need to support themselves in addition to supporting their direct reports and teams will be crucial for maintaining a strong company culture that fuels performance.

Our data shows that it’s frontline and middle managers who are experiencing the most stress at work,” says James Bufton, Organisational Trends Analyst at Great Place To Work UK. “They may also have the biggest impact on the majority of employees’ experience, so it’s vital they too are looked after by their employer.”

Key Takeaway

If financial and insurance firms wish to hold onto their talent, creating a supportive learning culture, which allows employees to advance in their careers quickly and flexibly, will be the most efficient starting point.


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