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Culture Insights from the No.1 UK's Best Workplaces 2024

28 March 2024

We analysed anonymous survey responses from over 250,000 UK-based employees to discover the country's Best Workplaces. Here we uncover how the Number 1's in each size category became the best of the best.

Sumillion, No.1 Small Best Workplace

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The UK's Best Workplaces™ have always prioritised ‘giving back’, collectively giving over £22.8 million to charity in 2023. Employees at No.1 ranked Small Best Workplace Sumillion frequently mention the company's commitment to charity as a reason it's a great place to work. They particularly praised the company's pledge to give at least 10% (up to 20% in recent years) of its gross profit to charity each year. This policy has created a strong sense of pride and purpose within the team.

Beyond this, Sumillion deliver on the adage that ‘charity begins at home’, giving back to their employees through fostering a physical and psychological environment that allows them to thrive.

“From our very inception we have always wanted to make the most positive changes to the world and believe that this is only possible by employing the most caring and committed staff. So, making sure that we provide the absolute best environment to flourish has always been our top priority.”

- David Manners, CEO


Talos360, No.1 Medium Best Workplace

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Talos360's excellent culture is marked by great leadership. In fact, 100% Talos360 employees agree that “executives embody the best characteristics of our company” – a remarkable achievement when over a third of UK employees lack confidence in their leaders1.

In fact, every survey statement within the area of ‘Leadership Behaviour’ in the Trust Index™ employee survey earned impressive scores, with colleagues often referring to management’s sincere caring, honesty, competence, and approachability.

“We are absolutely delighted that our people feel so passionately about working at Talos360 that their votes have put us at the number 1 spot as a Best Workplace. We truly have the best team who through their passion bring our culture and values to life every day.”

- Janette Martin, CEO, Talos360


ServiceNow, No.1 Large Best Workplace


In addition to being able to expand one’s knowledge and close skills gaps through “‘bungee assignments’ within different departments”, and “having access to courses and attending talks”, colleagues at ServiceNow say they appreciate being given “lots of opportunity to contribute and challenge the strategic direction of things in the UK.”

In fact, 91% of employees at ServiceNow feel they “make a difference” at their organisation, compared to the UK average of just 66%2.

“This win is truly an honour – especially because it’s based on feedback from our own employees! I’m so proud of our incredible culture, fuelled by an unwavering commitment to help all employees live their best lives, do their best work, and fulfil their purpose together at ServiceNow.”

Simon Morris, Area VP, UK & Ireland, ServiceNow.


Cisco, No.1 Super Large Best Workplace


Cisco is ranked a UK’s Best Workplace for the 10th year running. Employees working for the global leader in internet solutions frequently cited autonomy, trust, and flexibility as key reasons why Cisco is such an outstanding place to work.

This involves more than just flexible work arrangements and a culture that encourages open communication and authenticity. Cisco employees appreciate the freedom to “get on with my work without [management] looking over my shoulder” and how they have “always been encouraged to put health first when [they] have been unwell.” They also commended their leaders for helping individuals to reach their full potential.

“I am incredibly proud that Cisco has been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for 10 consecutive years. To us, this is more than an award, it’s a continual learning process towards our commitment to foster an inclusive culture, where people matter. We value what our employees do, over where or when they do it, and their feedback is instrumental in shaping our culture – making Cisco more than just a workplace, but a truly great place to work.”

- David Meads, Chief Executive – Cisco UK & Ireland


Discover more about the UK's Best Workplaces, as well as the latest workplace culture trends and insights from 250,000+ employees, in our 2024 Best Workplaces publication.



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2 Great Place To Work 2023 UK Population Study

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