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Celebrating Certification Nation Day 2023!

Certification Nation Day 2023 Great Place To Work UK Celebration
1 November 2023

The big day is here! Happy Certification Nation Day - a day for Certifiedcompanies around the world to celebrate everything that makes their company great.


Here's what employees at Great Place To Work Certified companies had to say

What better way to celebrate than to hear from employees themselves? Watch the video below to find out what employees from The Point Company, Distinctly, Walr,, Secure Trust Bank Group and General Mills said about what makes their workplace great.

Discover our Certified companies

We're proud to work with companies who are putting their people at the heart of everything they do. These companies are great - we know, because their employees have told us. They work hard to build amazing cultures and offer incredible employee experiences. Today is a day to recognise and celebrate that hard work.

We're celebrating too!

Did you know that Great Place To Work UK is Certified? We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk too. We held our own Certification Nation Day celebration to give back to the people that make our company so great.

Certification Nation Day 2023 Cupcakes Certification Nation Day 2023 Great Place To Work UK Celebration


Share your celebrations with us!

We want to see what you're getting up to to celebrate Certification Nation Day, and hear from your employees about what they love about working with you. Remember to use the hashtags #GPTWCertified and #CertificationNationDay, and tag us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Missed out on getting Certified in time for the big day?

Don't worry! It's never too late to get started on your journey to becoming an officially great workplace, with the badge to prove it.


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