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Creating Environments Where Employees can Thrive: UK's Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services

7 September 2023

Employees across the Consulting & Professional Services sectors have weighed in on their experiences of trust, respect, credibility, fairness, pride and camaraderie in their workplaces. 



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A remarkable 93% of employees in the UK’s Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services™ consider their company to be ‘a great place to work’.

While the pandemic transformed the way many people perceive work globally since 2020, the uptake of AI and other transformative technologies has this year, in particular, become a catalyst for radical changes for many service models and skills requirements of organisations across the sector.

While navigating this ever-changing landscape, the Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services have galvanised their people proposition by placing employee wellbeing at the forefront of their company cultures – and enjoyed better business performance and staff retention as a result.

Culture of care

Great Place To Work’s analysis of over 30,000 workers from the 52 awarded companies found that 91% of individuals affirm their employer “actively promotes mental and physical health” – a third more than the UK average for employees in the sector.

But rather than enticing benefits and boundless annual leave policies taking centre stage, employee comments show that their people are placing more value on a caring work environment and the smaller gestures of support they receive from colleagues.

As one worker from a consulting firm explained: “What makes this a great place to work is the caring culture – this is driven from the top down. You feel supported, listened to, and engaged from day one – this has been fundamental for me. I finally feel like I’m thriving at work, and this is down to the environment that they have created.”

Optimising the office experience

Workplace environment is a key dimension within the broader umbrella of employee wellbeing, and was referred to more by respondents in Consulting & Professional Services than those working in any other sector.

Research by Unispace reveals that a substantial majority (three-quarters) of individuals above the age of 45 believe there is room for improvement in their workplace environment.

But the Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services have heeded their people’s calls, enhancing amenities and providing more private areas in their offices, as well as tailored resources and equipment based on individuals’ needs.

As one respondent explained: "We have a fabulous office which I really enjoy coming in to... I also enjoy the company of my other colleagues. Together, these factors help me to focus and get on with my work much better.”

Key Takeaway

To help their people thrive, leaders in the Consulting & Professional Services industries should prioritise employee wellbeing through policies that align with a nurturing, fair, and flexible company culture.


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