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What 'The Great Reshuffle' Means For Employer Branding

16 June 2022

In the aftermath of the pandemic, employees are leaving unsatisfying jobs in their droves. According to Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index, 43% of employees are somewhat or extremely likely to consider changing jobs in the coming year.


The Great Reshuffle

You’ve probably heard this termed ‘The Great Resignation’ – but the accuracy of this phrase depends on where you sit. These employees may be thinking of leaving unfulfilling jobs, but they’re going to be heading somewhere new. Some may retire, go freelance or start their own business. Many will be searching for a role and a company that they feel truly aligns with them. That’s why we feel ‘The Great Reshuffle’ is a more accurate term. Companies now have a choice: they can be the place employees want to leave, or the place at which they want to start afresh.


Great Employer Branding Starts at Home

Employer branding isn’t just about tactics that will attract new talent – it starts closer to home. Looking after your current employees means they’ll want to stay with the company longer. In fact, 83% of employees at the UK’s Best Workplaces™ 2022 say they want to stay with their employer for a long time. Listening to your employees and building a great organisational culture is the first step to avoiding falling victim to The Great Resignation.

Not only that, your employees are a fantastic source of employer branding too. In 2021, 86% of employees at the UK’s Best Workplaces™ said they would strongly recommend their organisation to friends and family as a great place to work, compared to just 63% of unranked organisations. This means they have an inbuilt pool of brand ambassadors, who are an unparalleled resource for attracting new talent.

Take a Stand

Living through a pandemic has made all of us reevaluate what is important to us. Increasingly, employees want to ensure their organisation aligns with their own values. In fact, in 2020 research showed that 74% of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in the cultural debates of the day. Taking a stand on social issues and ensuring your values shine through in your employer branding is more important than ever.

Best Workplaces™ are leading the way here too, with 82% of employees saying they feel good about the ways their organisation contributes to the community. This correlates with an improved feeling of fulfilment too – 79% of Best Workplace™ employees believe their work has special meaning beyond being “just a job.”


Recognition can Help Your Employer Brand

Best Workplaces™ average 22.7 applications per vacancy – compared to just 11.7 for unranked organisations. The wave of employees leaving their jobs are searching for companies that are going to put them first. Great Place to Work-Certified™ organisations and Best Workplaces™ are doing just that – and they have the badge to prove it. As Zareena Brown, Chief Human Resources Officer at BritVic PLC says,

“Prospective employees are looking for businesses who are proud of their people and who hold themselves to account to achieve high standards. This is where I see the Best Workplace™ award adding huge value. The recognition also helps us reach employees who may be looking at us as an employer of choice.

This time of uncertainty doesn't have to be a negative for your organisation - if you're truly a great place to work, it can be an exciting opportunity.


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