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UK's Best Workplaces for Wellbeing™ 2023

Download our Wellbeing Report now for insights and best practices from the companies listed on our UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing™ 2023 list, who consistently place employee wellbeing at the heart of their workplace culture.

Best Workplaces for Wellbeing™ 2023

Globally, our Best Workplace™ survey is the largest survey of workplace cultures and people practices. The methodology that creates our various Best Workplaces™ rankings is one of the most rigorous and highly sought after – and regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of employer awards.
Our UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing rankings comprises organisations who have succeeded in making their employees experience high levels of wellbeing in their workplace. To determine our UK's Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing list, our Great Place to Work® culture experts analysed thousands of employee surveys, assessing their holistic experiences of wellbeing at work through fundamental facets of employee wellbeing, including: Work-life balance, Sense of fulfilment, Job satisfaction, and Financial security. Evaluations also included an assessment of how well the organisation was able to deliver consistency of their employee experience across all departments and seniority levels. 
The following criteria must be met for consideration as a UK’s Best Workplace™ for Wellbeing: 
✓ Organisation has been Certified™ in the UK in 2022; 
✓ Organisation meets the minimum Trust Index™ threshold of 65% in the Wellbeing Index (wellbeing related set of questions) 
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