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Unipro Limited

Established in

About us

Unipro is a specialist web development agency – "we build optimised web applications to solve complex digital transformation problems." Our team of experts specialise in rapid application development, legacy modernisation, performance optimisation and service design consultancy. This enables us to deliver streamlined and enhanced user experience while unlocking data intelligence and automating routine. Our employees have over 25 years of experience being a "safe pair of hands" with traditional coding and Low-Code solutions.
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Certified™ Companies

What employees say

Unipro is a wonderful place to work! The calibre of people and how well everyone performs together as a team is a real credit. The level of compassion everyone has for one another I have not experienced before. Our management team really cares and ensures that the team's wellness and mental health are their priority. An amazing place to work! 

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What defines us

Unipro’s cultural uniqueness comes from the high calibre of people who make up our fantastic team and have contributed to high talent retention over the last 25 years. People here are engaged in delivering quality collaborative digital solutions with our clients whilst enjoying themselves and building lasting relationships. We value these relationships, we are innovative, we make a difference, we are a partner, we make things happen, we are Unipro.

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What inspires us

Unipro believe that it is all about the people, whether clients, suppliers or employees, people work with people. It is this culture that motivates the team to realise technical innovation when collaboratively solving customer problems. When this culture is supported by a consistent management framework that is shared by all, it results in feedback like :” Unipro is a wonderful place to work! We are innovative! People here are amazing and committed to delivering quality solutions to our clients while contributing greatly to the digital space. We value our relationships with utmost respect and care! We make a difference! We are united! We are professionals! We are Unipro!"

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Word from the top

"Successfully achieving certification for being a Great Place to Work is truly humbling.

Being acknowledged in such a way not only says a huge amount about how the management team openly engaged with everyone over a challenging couple of years, but also how each person has pulled together to support each other through a period of unparalleled change, that has tested everyone’s mental resolve.

The culture and beating heart of any Company comes from the people, their mindset, attitude, collaboration and core values.

I’m extremely proud of the team we have in Unipro, it is this team that have earnt this award.

This award is all about our people."

Shaun Froome
Managing Director
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Career and jobs

Application tips

We see the interview process as invaluable to the candidate if they are to find a role that truly suits them and for that reason, we ask that you come fully stocked with questions for us. Whether its about the role, the benefits, the culture or the premises – no question will be deemed unnecessary. On the flip side of that, we really like to hear about your professional experiences, highs, lows and technical expertise so be prepared to provide us with the best insight in to you.

Our great workplace

At Unipro, we want all candidates to feel welcomed, confident, and ready to showcase their potential and capabilities. We know pursuing a new career opportunity can be daunting. We strive for our process to be empathetic and considerate of both the candidates we meet along the way and the team members we introduce to you. Interviewing can be stressful and often filled with self-doubt or the imposter syndrome, and we get that. We’ve outlined our process in hopes that it will help dissipate any of those sentiments. By the end of the interviewing experience at Unipro, we aim to provide every candidate with a realistic preview of their work-life in the company. Whether through the conversations with technical team members or with leadership, we want you to walk away feeling seen, heard, and given every opportunity to succeed. Our goal is to have candidates complete the interview process within one week. However, we can accelerate or decelerate as needed based on a candidate’s preference. 

Lee Fisher
Recruitment Manager

Tel: +441243534241
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0870 608 8780
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