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Established in

About us

Jetstack helps businesses to build and operate modern Cloud Native infrastructure with Kubernetes. Our goal is to improve the experience for those building these systems. We do this through training and consulting, as well as products and open source tooling. Jetstack is the team behind cert-manager, the de facto open source solution for Cloud Native certificate management. It is downloaded more than a million times a day. In 2020, Jetstack was acquired by the US-based security company Venafi with a joint vision of helping engineers move quickly and securely.
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UK's Best Workplaces 2022
Small (20-50 employees)
Rank 33
Certified™ Companies
UK's Best Workplaces in Tech 2021
Rank 14

What employees say

"I was prepared for the learning curve but the company culture took me by surprise. The importance placed around autonomy, employee engagement, and mental well-being was something I'd never seen before. It took a little time for me to adapt to this new way of working. I was used to being micro-managed and working with a top-down approach, management makes decisions and engineers follow. This is not the Jetstack way. At Jetstack everyone has a voice, everyone's input is valid and appreciated" - Chance Whittaker

Senior IT Operations Engineer
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I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position.

People care about each other here.

When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.

People here are given a lot of responsibility.

People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.

This is a fun place to work.

What defines us

Life at Jetstack is defined by our guiding values:

Learning Develops Us - We embrace curiosity and innovation through experimentation and continuous learning. We strive to share knowledge amongst peers (and customers) while leveraging failures as opportunities for the betterment of our collective craft.

Community Shapes Us - We strive to be an inclusive and friendly community where we respect one another and those we work with. We bring open minds and our whole selves to work every day.

Communication Empowers Us - We believe that good communication is the key to working most effectively internally, with our customers and the open-source community. We transparently share our progress and welcome feedback.

Autonomy Frees Us - We're empowered to shape and contribute to Jetstack's growth by using our judgement in a culture of trust, not compliance, with minimum viable bureaucracy.

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What inspires us

Jetstack has been contributing to the Kubernetes ecosystem almost since its inception and is now a visible force at cloud native events and meetups. We offer the opportunity to work with emerging technologies and solve real problems for developers.

Curiosity and experimentation are at the core of Jetstack and led to the creation of cert-manager, one of the most widely used open-source products out there. 

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Word from the top

There are now more than 50 Jetstackers working from 6 countries. Our team is made up of a diverse set of people, backgrounds, and thinking that has helped to strengthen our culture and business. By building that team, and then doing our utmost to foster creativity, innovation, and autonomy within a framework of shared objectives, we have built a company that is both resilient and purposeful. We are delighted to see our work being rewarded through inclusion in the UK Great Place to Work.

Matt Barker
Cofounder and President
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Career and jobs

Application tips

We look for people who have a strong interest in cloud-native technology and are passionate about the open-source community space.

The application process is an opportunity for you to get insight into Jetstack’s culture, values and ways of working. You can expect an introductory call, one or more video interviews, and the chance to meet your peers.

Talent Acquisition Manager

0870 608 8780
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