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Established in

About us

Trusted by 150+ global eCommerce brands, we are an innovative digital agency that aims to accelerate the organic growth of brands through SEO and digital PR. Founded in 2019 by two ex-agency workers, NOVOS has successfully grown 100% YoY, won multiple international awards, and has crossed £1 million in annual revenue. 

However, the accomplishment that makes us most proud is our positive company culture, which has the employees’ holistic well-being at its heart.

Agency purpose: The agency is a vehicle for client commercial growth and the team member’s personal growth

Being a gender-balanced organization with a multicultural workforce, we measure 'employee happiness' valuing it more than performance. To ensure inclusivity and continuous improvement of our culture, we run programs to listen to every single member of our team and take everyone's ideas to fuel our collective growth.

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What employees say

“The best part about working here is that you can actually see company values in action - they are not just buzzwords. The work culture enables your personal growth while offering you all the support you need to accomplish not only your professional but personal goals.

 Being a single parent, I often have to juggle work and family responsibilities and the sudden second national lockdown made things very challenging. It was amazing to see the company rushing to me for additional support that included ultra flexibility in both the days and hours I could work. They also arranged tailored wellness classes for me to help with my mental health."

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People care about each other here.

You can count on people to cooperate.

Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.

This organisation actively promotes mental and physical health among its employees.

Management shows appreciation for good work and extra effort.

Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.

What defines us

Our company culture is founded on the values of equality, transparency and diversity. Our core mission is to enable both the professional and personal growth of the staff. 

While routine internal and external training, shadowing, job advancement programs, 360-degree Performance Reviews, bonuses, and mentoring aid professional development — initiatives such as unlimited holidays, self-care days, yoga/meditation sessions, and Flexi-working ensure staff's personal development.

During our annual performance development planning, we focus on the individual development of our team members and work with them to set not only work but personal goals. For example, If your personal goal is to run a marathon next year then each quarter your manager will motivate you and hold you accountable to achieve this!

See NOVOS' employee benefits featured in this article in Cosmopolitian alongside the likes of Google, Facebook etc. 


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What inspires us

A strong commitment to our mission to help our team grow keeps us motivated and inspires us to contribute towards the holistic development of our team. 

Hybrid workplace: Freedom to work from anywhere but the option to come to the office when needed.

Unlimited holiday: We trust our team to decide when they want to take time off without having to worry about the allowance

Happiness index: We measure employee happiness levels using this tool and make important decisions based on the data. 

Self-care days: We ask our employees to take paid time off with the specific goal to look after themselves

Coopetition, not competition: While we do offer individual bonuses for achieving goals, teamwork lies at the core of all tasks. 

Mental health first aid training: We offer this training to all employees to raise self-awareness and help others in need

Free Yoga, meditation and PT sessions: Because both physical and mental health are important

Think tank: All ideas and opinions matter!


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Word from the top

"When my co-founder, Antonio, and I first started hiring for NOVOS, we wanted to ensure that it has a positive company culture. We knew how it was like to work in toxic work environments, so we were ready to do everything needed to make NOVOS a healthy workplace.

Now, 2 years and 25 team members later, it is heartwarming to see the culture reflect in all aspects of the organization from the employee onboarding process to client communication and campaign delivery.

Going fully remote due to COVID coincided with our hiring spree - we grew our team by 50% during the lockdown! Keeping our culture alive and transmitting it to the new hires remotely seemed difficult but the right two-way communication strategy coupled with happiness index and think tank made it possible. 

It's great to see our team thriving and helping each other succeed - we're achieving our mission for the agency to be a vehicle for client commercial growth and team members personal growth."

Samuel Hurley
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
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Career and jobs

Application tips

We’re always looking for people who share our passion for eCommerce SEO, commitment to excellent client service, and most importantly, our company values.

Olivia Royce
Head of Operations & Culture

0870 608 8780
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