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Established in

About us

Adaptimmune is a medium sized innovative biotech with just under 300 employees in the UK and over 150 in the US. We want to transform the lives of people with cancer by designing and delivering cell therapies. We conduct clinical trials with our three SPEAR T-cell therapies (afamitresgene autoleucel, ADP-A2M4CD8, and ADP-A2AFP) in multiple solid tumor indications. We have reported responses in our ongoing trials in patients with 6 different solid tumors, including synovial sarcoma, melanoma, head and neck, lung, gastroesophageal, and liver cancers. We aim to file our first BLA in 2022, for people with synovial sarcoma.

Our unique SPEAR (Specific Peptide Enhanced Affinity Receptor) T-cell platform enables the engineering of T-cells so that our therapies can harness the body's own immune system to find and destroy diseased cells. In addition to our three late-stage products, we have a strong pipeline of other cell therapies, which we intend to take to the clinic as soon as possible.

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UK's Best Workplaces 2021
Medium (51-250 employees)
Rank 55

What employees say

Not one or two, there are many reasons why I love working at Adaptimmune, this organisation never fails to provide opportunities to excel, express yourself, stamp your identity. My respect towards this organisation has multiplied for being so flexible, providing much needed support during difficult and challenging times and there is always your team, leaders, colleagues and friends who are ready to share and care when it matters most.

I like the way the senior leaders maintain the transparency, always excited about new opportunities, studies, projects and challenges involved. Their honesty gives me faith that, even when the times are difficult, they can tackle the situation with composure.

Anand Satram
Associate Director EU Clinical Compliance
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When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnic origin.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their sex.

My manager/supervisor treats me with respect.

When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride.

I'm proud to tell others I work here.

What defines us

There is a strong culture of transparency and openness to Q&A in the organization. Employees are actively encouraged to ask questions about our strategy, plans and objectives during every company or function meeting or huddle. In addition, we have created a Q&A widget through which anybody wanting to ask confidential questions can do.

Finally, we capture all Q&As in writing so that anybody not being able to attend the meetings can consult them. In addition, a number of employee surveys on specific topics have been run throughout the year. Activities and events are organized such as regular company huddles, team meetings, or group ‘away days’. 

Our internal corporate style is personable and 'real’. It is informal and authentic, with executive team members and senior leaders frequently participating in the coffee and cake mornings. Our company intranet is updated regularly with articles, as a way of sharing information formally and informally, thus reinforcing the Company culture.

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What inspires us

We provide a number of elements in our reward packages such as good market rated salaries and benefits. In addition to some of our core benefits, we offer our employees additional non-financial benefits and perks including employee retails discounts – built upon a platform that will allow all benefits to be easily accessible and monitored by individual employees. We also have a very active, well-funded and healthy social club that organizes many events such as summer and Christmas parties, as well as coffee mornings, quizzes, and other activities that build a stronger fabric for the Company to grow.

A key long-term differentiator is our share option scheme, including grants of stock options to every single permanent employee. This leads to employees feeling invested in our company’s long term success and the progress towards delivering our vision and mission, living our values.

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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Action highlights

Our HR initiatives are designed to support and enable our employees to achieve our Company objectives. Focusing on employee development we have implemented measures such as launching our LinkedIn Learning platform for all employees as well as providing coaching opportunities, career ladders and in house development programmes on performance management, recruitment, objective writing and new manager orientation

We are keen to hear our employees views so have created opportunities to enable employees to share their views and opinions which also influence our HR initiatives. Opportunities include company huddles, functional huddles, Q&A widgets and engagement surveys.

Our culture is driven by our five values (illustrated with five icons chosen and designed by our employees). These values are incorporated into employee initiatives including our performance management system and recruitment approach.

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Word from the top

I am so proud to have received this UK Best Place to Work award. We will not rest on our laurels and are committed to continuing the dialogue with our employees for how we can make Adaptimmune an even better place to work.

Adrian Rawcliffe
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Career and jobs

Application tips

All open vacancies can be found here:

Whether you are interviewing by phone or video, here are some tips to help you prepare:

Practice Telling Your Story: Be prepared to explain your career history, key accomplishments, skills, and interests.

Know the Company: Research the company’s products, services, customers, and achievements so you can demonstrate an understanding of the organization and ask knowledgeable questions.

Minimize Distractions: Find a quiet room free from disruptions.

Speak Slowly & Clearly: Take your time when speaking, maintain a nice and easy pace — speaking too fast can make you sound nervous.

Avoid Interrupting: Sometimes when you are on the phone or video conference, it is easy to accidentally cut someone off due to audio delays or from not seeing nonverbal cues. To avoid this, listen carefully to the interviewer and wait a few seconds before speaking to avoid unintentionally interrupting.

Our great workplace

Additional Tips for Video Interviews.

Confirm Alternate Phone Number in the event of a technical difficulty.

Test Your Interview Technology: Preview the software being used and familiarize yourself with the tool. There are four components you will want to ensure are working properly in advance: Audio settings, camera settings, connection and battery life.

Set up a “video friendly” Location: Select a spot that has good lighting and a neutral background free from distraction and clutter. Place your computer at a height that is flattering for you and has you centered in the frame. Pick a chair with a straight back to help with posture.

Remove Distractions: Shut down all other windows and applications (especially ones with notifications) before you log on. Put your phone on silent.

Dress Appropriately: Wear the same outfit you would for a face-to-face interview from head to toe in case you need to stand up to grab a paper or glass of water during the interview.

Alison Bryant
Head of Talent Acquisition

0870 608 8780
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