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Volvo Financial Services

Established in

About us

As part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Financial Services (VFS) are the finance arm for one of the world’s leading providers of transport solutions. We provide our business customers with a full range of financial services for the truck, construction equipment, bus, and marine industries.

Our respectful and supportive culture makes us an employer of choice for our industry and the first finance choice for the Volvo Group’s customers and dealers. We are a part of a global organization and we leverage local expertise for execution. We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships throughout business cycles.

We provide our Customers with tailored services such as financing and insurance in a one-stop shop fashion, directly through the Group’s dealerships. Exclusive finance programs are also available to Volvo Group customers and equipment purchases of all sizes.

We also have 5 key focus areas under which we focus our activities – Employee Engagement, Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Sustainable Profitability and Business Cycle Management.

Our Company values mirror those of the wider Volvo Group that are:

Customer Success

 We truly understand our customers' business.

 We listen to and talk with our customers about their needs, desires and challenges.

 We focus on transport solutions that make customers successful and create value for society.

 We deliver on our promises.


 We are transparent and have respect for the individual.

 We trust other teams to do their best and we respect the decisions made.

 We collaborate easily and create excellent results through teamwork and open dialogue.

 We are empowered and have the courage to act.


 We are proud of the work and business we do.

 We are engaged and committed to meet our goals.

 We see how diversity strengthens us and try to bring out the best in everyone.

 We admit mistakes, fix them and learn from them.

 We are proud of our achievements, have fun and celebrate our successes.


 We have a strong business instinct.

 We have the skills, knowledge and intuition to do the right thing.

 We expect a lot from others, and ourselves and walk the extra mile to do a great job.

 We see the big picture and know when to let go of an idea, a project or a plan.


 We are curious about the world around us.

 We are innovative and find smart ways to create new solutions and business.

 We see change and transformation as a source of inspiration and energy.

 We are open-minded and share our knowledge.

They are not just words on paper; they are embodied in the actions and behaviours of our Employees.

Our overall VFS culture is “One Team, One Direction”. Together, all as one team moving in one direction, we strive to take our performance to the next level – in everything we do. It is our passion to meet high expectations and be a high performing Company.

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What employees say

I love working for VFS, we are like one big happy family. We all get along. VFS takes pride in their colleagues and their Employees. The Management Team are great you can always rely on them, they’re open to discussions, and if you’ve got any issues they really take them onboard. I really love being part of VFS. 

Tracy Truslove
Customer Services Representative
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I'm proud to tell others I work here.

I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their sex.

This is a friendly place to work.

People care about each other here.

People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.

What defines us

Since February 2018 within the Volvo Group in the UK, we have been on a journey to be “The Most Admired Employer”, which is one of the core aspirations of the Volvo Group. We have a well-defined and comprehensive programme – Most Admired Employer within the Warwick site.

This programme is underpinned by 5 ‘pillars ‘which are Brand; Family & Community; Compensation & Benefits; Opportunity & Development and Culture & Environment. Each of these has a Vision and a Mission statement that encapsulate the Volvo Group values.

We strive for all Employees to feel connected to the programme’s purpose; to feel inspired, to understand the different pillars and recognize its tangible deliverables. Employees are regularly updated with all of the activities that take place and are encouraged to get involved either through ideas or being part of a Pillar Team. We have found that this has fostered a huge sense of pride in our organization.

Through involvement within this programme, we want to foster the feeling amongst our Employees that they are part of “something bigger” – it is more than “just a job”. Our Employee’s feel proud and passionate about working for VFS and by being involved with this, we hope that our Employees will choose to remain with us and build their careers here, and talk positively with others outside of our Company about working here.

Activities are many and varied including :Annual Group sponsorship of 10 team initiatives all nominated by our Employees; support for various CSR initiatives all identified by our own Employees; an annual Careers Fair which supports a higher focus on learning and development and on opportunities offered within the wider Volvo Group; and one Day’s Volunteering per Employee so they can engage with a community project of their choice.

We are proud that both recent UK Managing Directors have been Pillar Sponsors of the Opportunity & Development and Brand Pillars. Through their encouragement and passion for this initiative, 20% of employees within VFS actively engage in the programme.

We also believe in the value of having diversity and equality among our Employees and that is important for our success. We work within an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute to their fullest potential. We have therefore secured “Diversity & Inclusiveness Leadership” training for our managers; report on our Gender Pay Gap despite employing fewer than the statutory requirement ; introduced a ‘Connected Women’ programme to focus on increasing gender diversity in senior positions and events to celebrate international Women and Men’s days all of which our Employees fully embrace.

We are proud of what we offer to our Employees to support their Physical, Mental and Financial well-being. These include our On Line Well-Being Portal ;discounted Gym Membership and other leisure activities to promote work/life balance; Private Health membership which offers a range of well-being tools to support physical and mental health; the opportunity for our managers to be trained in Mental Health Awareness; access to an Employee Assistance Programme for Employees and support for financial management.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, like so many other organisations we have had to move from a predominantly office based environment to 100% home working to secure Employee health and safety. Communication to our Employees during this challenging period has been the key enabler in maintaining the service to our Dealers and Customers and to maintain the connection with our people. We have used many ways to ‘Stay Connected’ and maintain morale through this period including a weekly Company Staff Communications meeting ; daily Team meetings ; regular 121’s - all conducted through Skype; a fortnightly Company newsletter and several fun competitions such as ‘Biggest Tomato Plant’ and ‘Who's the Baby’!


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What inspires us

Within VFS ,we believe it is really important to encourage a great social working environment where our Employees can work collaboratively , have fun and be recognized by peers or Managers where they have ‘gone the extra mile’.

Every Thursday we have a ‘Dress’ theme – Theme Thursday for all those working in the office. We adopt themes such as Green , Stripes or Green Stripes …and Team cohesion is celebrated.

On Friday’s we have ‘Dress Down Friday’s ‘where this more casual approach encourages a more laid- back atmosphere and allows us to ‘ease’ into our weekends.

On the first Friday of each month we have ‘Pizza Fridays’ which is a great opportunity to spend time with our colleagues and also for our Senior Managers with demanding work schedules to use this time to catch up informally with the teams.

Each Month we invite those celebrating their Birthday’s for a ‘Birthday Breakfast often the ‘Full English’ in our staff restaurant. This is hosted by a member of the Executive Team and a great opportunity to celebrate with colleagues.

Other events in our annual Calendar include our VFS Christmas Party and Desk Decorating Competition; ‘Market Stall’ Days for some on –site retail therapy and annual  Sports and Social Quiz.   

Recognising our colleagues is something we take great pride in as we feel that showing how much we appreciate them is a great way to boost their energy, strengthen their commitment and encourage them to achieve greater levels of performance. We have a European wide scheme called the Unicorn Award where recipients are symbols of success and great achievements. In mythology, Unicorns are perhaps the most fascinating of all magical creatures. It is a colleague nomination scheme underpinned by certain key criteria and decided by the Executive Management Team. We are proud to have been awarded 5 Unicorns within the UK.

We also believe that recognising our Employees ‘in the moment’ through their actions and behaviours is key. All of our Managers have a book of raffle tickets, which they can hand out if something great that an Employee has done/achieved is observed. Tickets make prizes …and a monthly winner is chosen and then communicated to the whole Company. This is a great way for our senior team to hear more about what goes on across the Company where our people ‘go the extra mile’.


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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Word from the top

VFS has a strong culture based around each one of our Employees. Everyone is encouraged to contribute with their ideas or a solution to a problem thereby ensuring that we get the best possible outcome for our Customers and our Dealers. The entire Company works as a single unit, which supports us in being able to make decisions quicker and be more agile. This ‘One Family’ approach actively encourages our Employees to understand the entire Company and the role they play within it. We strive to champion diversity and invest fully in the growth and development of our Employees allowing each one to reach their maximum potential. We communicate openly, transparently and very regularly which hugely supports making VFS a great place to work.

Mike Corcoran
Managing Director VFS UK/IE
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Career and jobs

Application tips

There are certain characteristics that we look for in potential new Employees:

Attitude: A positive attitude and a good work ethic is key to being successful within our environment. We therefore focus on personal goals and enthusiasm in respect of a candidates work life.

Technical competence: Meeting the relevant level of job related experience in skills is important and ideally, we want to hire candidates who have a good level of experience in our industry or someone who has had previous success at university or college. However, we also focus on your achievements in your previous work experience.

Resourceful: As one of our Company values is Change, we look for candidates who can demonstrate being open-minded, those who challenge the status quo and have put this into practice.

Resilience: We look for candidates who can demonstrate that they can overcome setbacks and bounce back stronger.

Adaptable: Can you take on- board and act on constructive feedback positively and adapt easily to change? We require Employees who can absorb feedback and use it to drive their personal and career development often in a changing environment.

Team player: We want to hire candidates who are good Team workers with a genuine desire to be part of a team and collaborate, not only within their own Teams but also within the wider Company.

Stability: This characteristic shows us that a candidate will make a reliable and respectful Employee; we can determine this by looking at tenure in previous positions and any job movements.

Naturally, we look for the right skills to perform the tasks included in the role you apply for. However, for every recruitment to be a perfect fit for everyone who you are as a person matters just as much. We have a culture of high performance created through employee engagement. We are looking to hire candidates who fit with our core Group values . 


Our great workplace

Our Company Culture is one of a high performing and market leading business. Whilst our products are integral to those offered by the Volvo Group, our Employees are at the heart of our business and are a differentiator between our Competitors and ourselves.

Our Culture is often described as like being in a smaller family business rather than in a large Global corporate. We provide a supportive and collaborative environment with opportunities to work both within and across Teams and within major projects. We genuinely care about the well-being of all of our Employees. We provide great opportunities for our Employees to learn, develop, and encourage their growth through individual personal development. We enjoy celebrating our success and reward individual and Team achievements.


Vanessa Thomas
HR and recruitment Administrator

Tel: 0845 609 1286
0870 608 8780
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