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Established in

About us

At Gearset, our mission has always been to set the standard in Salesforce DevOps by building a deep understanding of our users, then solving their problems with a team of smart, pragmatic and focused people we love to spend time with.

As a team founded by software engineers with a track record of working very closely with our users, we noticed early on that the incumbent companies in this market had a very different model to the one we’re used to. They tended to sell from the top down, working with CIOs and senior management to broker deals, often involving bespoke, per-customer pricing, and required customisations and consultations. We wanted to take a different approach - to talk directly to the hundreds of thousands of Salesforce developers and administrators across the globe who had DevOps problems to solve every day.

When a developer working on a tight deadline hits an issue and goes searching for a solution, we want Gearset to be discoverable, easy to use, and capable of solving the problem then and there. We don’t want that developer to have to get in touch with us, sit through a demo, negotiate pricing, and wait for us to provision an instance - for some of our competitors, this process can take days! So, we’re transparent: our pricing is set out on our website with no hidden charges. And we’re easy to do business with: anybody can try Gearset in just a couple of clicks with a free 30-day trial, without having to talk to us first or give us payment information.

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UK's Best Workplaces 2020
Small (20-50 employees)
Rank 8
UK's Best Workplaces in Tech 2020
Rank 3

What employees say

Gearset is a great place to work! Not only have I learned a lot in the last year and a half, it’s an absolute pleasure to work with a team of such smart, supportive people. I also love their approach to programming: high quality code mixed with a healthy dose of pragmatism!

Catherine Bacon
Software Engineer
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Management has a clear view of where the organisation is going and how to get there.

When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.

I believe my organisation is highly regarded by its clients/customers.

People care about each other here.

A high level of trust exists between the people in my team.

Management shows a sincere interest in me as a person, not just an employee.

What defines us

Everything we do is based on trust

We want to head into work every day excited about solving our users' problems. We don't think that's possible if we're worried about making a mistake, being in the wrong, or being judged by our peers. At Gearset, we trust our teammates' intentions are good. It's as simple as that.

We're radically transparent

Transparency and trust are true companions. We actively share what we can with our employees and users, because transparency unlocks their valuable insights. We don't work on a need-to-know basis. We work on a need-to-conceal basis, only protecting sensitive information, and sharing everything else by default.

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What inspires us

We stay close to our users

The better we understand our users, the easier it is to help them. We build more useful features when we deeply understand the problems they face, and we create more accessible content when we use familiar language and terminology. Talking to our users is the best way to stay close to them, so everybody at Gearset is user-facing. Regardless of which role we're in, we all pitch in with support, demoing, research and events.

We celebrate our success

We work hard to make sure Gearset stays a place that we love to come to every day, and each day we work hard to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. As a thank you for that hard work, and for the chance to hang out outside of the office, we enjoy regular team outings together - either to the theatre, the Cambridge beer festival, or to a nice restaurant for a tasty team meal.

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Word from the top

Gearset has been the most amazing journey for me. When Gearset started to grow the founding team we were afraid that becoming a "real" company would take away the fun, but each year as we've doubled we've had the pleasure of welcoming the next group of brilliant individuals that have only strengthened our team. Our team is ruthlessly focused on creating something great for our customers, and building, marketing, selling and supporting it in the right way. We've built a company we're rightly proud of and we're doing it our way. Clear values with honesty, trust, and feedback helps us work together and have created a team that I love to come to work with every day. If this sounds appealing, then you should come visit and meet the team!

Kevin Boyle
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Career and jobs

Application tips

We look for creative, smart and decisive people. We respect skills and experience, but above all, we hire for aptitude. New employees should be willing to learn, work well within our team, and have the right attitude to delivering valuable work promptly. Our hiring process is designed to identify these attributes in prospective employees.

The hiring process is the same for all candidates regardless of the role they're applying for within the company, with a series of interviews in three stages. Each interview is with two team members, and we aim for different people in each interview. This means the potential recruit will meet about six Gearcitizens along the way. Ultimately, we look for driven, collaborative people who respond well to feedback.

Sara Turkentine
Technical Recruiter

0870 608 8780
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