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Reddico Digital

Established in

About us

We’re an award winning digital marketing agency, specialising in SEO and paid media. We don’t just tick boxes, and have a mantra to make a real and meaningful impact on our team, our clients, and the community in which we live.

As a people-first agency we’ll encourage, support, and provide top class training. But we want people to make their own mistakes, take full responsibility for their time, and act like adults.

We know people work best when they’re trusted and empowered to do their job their way. And freedom’s exactly what you’ll have.

To work at Reddico you’ll need a drive to improve and get the best results possible, but in a way that gives you an amazing work-life balance.

We’re not here to mollycoddle, and that’s why:

• You’ll have self-regulated and uncapped annual leave

• You’ll be able to choose your own working hours

• You can work from home when you want

We've also been recognised as a 'great place to work', positioning 9th on UK’s Best Workplaces™ 2019

Mission: To make a real and meaningful impact on our team, our clients, and the community in which we live.

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What employees say

“I work from home two or three times a week and start early so I can finish early, because I don’t work well later in the day. I’m nearly always in the office on Monday, but otherwise it depends whether there’s a meeting or a brainstorm with the content team, and even then I can call in on Google Hangouts in most cases.

“The unlimited holiday has been great for planning in advance: I’ve been able to book time off for my friend’s wedding and hen party, and for a family holiday when my aunt and uncle visit from Australia, without worrying whether I’ll have the time.

“I’m more flexible with my hours when I work from home. It means I can do errands and life admin things like food shopping and seeing the dentist at off-peak times. And if I need to take a break, I can.”

Beth Tolson
Midweight Copywriter
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We're all in this together.

I want to work here for a long time.

We have special and unique benefits here.

People care about each other here.

People here are given a lot of responsibility.

People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.

What defines us

The Reddico culture is set apart, as one built on the principles of trust, freedom and responsibility.

We learned from our mistakes – in 2017 releasing a culture manifesto and revolutionising the business framework to focus on accountability and autonomy.

Before, culture meant the nights out, the beer fridge, the table tennis, and the regular events & activities.

But it's not how much you give people for free, it's how you free people to give more.

The manifesto changed this, based on feedback from the team, identifying world-leading cultures, and putting emphasis on a belief in people to do the right thing.

Six core areas put the team first:


  1. Job ownership: Full control over work.
  2. Work-life balance: Autonomy to strike the balance.
  3. Recruitment: Hiring people who align to our beliefs.
  4. Management: Removing managers & introducing coaches.
  5. Transparency: Sharing all information with the team.
  6. Social impact: Forming a charity committee, donating profits, and holding regular fundraisers.


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What inspires us

We love to celebrate success at Reddico, and offer a number of amazing benefits for being part of the awesome team. 

This includes, amongst other things:


  1. Freedom to work in a way that's right for you: Everyone wants more freedom in how they work, yet so few organisations really give their team complete autonomy. At Reddico it's all up to the individual – how much holiday you take, what hours you work, whether you work from home... All we ask is everyone has a positive impact on their job, their team, their clients, and Reddico in general. 
  2. An annual retreat: How many companies take the whole team away? Might sound like a long weekend of hell to many of you, but it's exactly what we do – Budapest, Barcelona, Oslo – we've been all over Europe to celebrate company success.  
  3. Profit share: Launched in 2019, our profit share rewards the team for the amazing work they do. It's run slightly differently to a typical bonus scheme, and gives teams control over how the money is split. 
  4. Quarterly Reddicons: Each quarter we have a huge company update, talking about success, achievements, and what's coming up next at Reddico. This brings the whole team together and aligned to the longer term vision. This is followed with a team activity (in the past we've visited a zombie-filled shopping centre, had beginner curling lessons, completed escape rooms and zoomed round in go karts!). Of course, all this fun is washed down with food and drink in the evening. 


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