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Wilderness Scotland Ltd

Established in

About us

Wilderness Scotland is a company whose aim is to break new ground and set the worldwide standard for what adventure travel should be. We commit with passion to providing our customers with the most inspiring experiences of their lives, ensuring our experiences are delivered sustainability, promoting the value of wild places, setting new standards for tourism experiences and creating a rewarding, meaningful and truly fun place to work.

We are big believers in our work having purpose. That purpose is embedded in our company vision and values as described below. All employees have ownership in this vision and these values since they were co-created as an entire team. We collectively believe in our work having a meaningful impact be that on our customers, the environments and communities in which we operate or the wider travel industry.

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What employees say

"It’s inspiring. Wilderness Scotland is filled with very talented people, eager to challenge and better themselves. The minute you are part of the team you become part of that too.

It’s caring and kind. Caring towards people, in a genuine way, there is a lot of listening, people are not simply a number or a role and there is real is interest in everyone's wellbeing. And it is caring for the environment.

It’s positive. There is no dwelling on issues, there is finding solutions. It’s that “forwards and upwards” attitude.

It’s encouraging. Everyone has a voice, there is structure but it’s flexible when it comes to make the most of everyone's talents, it feels like peoples input is taken on board.

Wilderness Scotland is more than a company, it’s a community, it’s a joint effort in search of excellence, it’s about bringing a bit of

adventure and new challenges into every day life, it’s genuine people, it’s good times."

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People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.

This organisation actively promotes mental and physical health among its employees.

We have special and unique benefits here.

There is a "family" or "team" feeling here.

Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.

This organisation manages its impact upon society responsibly.

What defines us

It is difficult to identify what defines us but we feel it’s probably the high level of community and sense of purpose which exists in the workplace.

Everyone is trusted to organise their work on a personalised and flexible basis without the supervision and restrictions you find in many workplaces. The following are everyday scenarios which make us proud to have created something a little bit different: “I have a sick child and need to work from home - is there anything more we can do to help?” “I need some extra time off to visit my family abroad - sure, let’s figure it out” “Is it ok for me to take 3 hours out the middle of the day for a ski or bike ride - go for it, can we come too!?”.

The values which guide our daily lives and decisions are as follows:

Inspirational - our adventures will inspire our team, our customers, our partners, the industry and wider public.

Professional - we will be professional in everything we do, delivering exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations and sets standards for the industry.

Sustainable - we are working hard to be a sustainable enterprise and we will do good by doing well.

Innovative - we will seek out continuous improvement in everything we do. What passes for excellence now will be considered mediocre in the future.

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What inspires us

A culture of fun, enjoyment and camaraderie exists across the organisation. 

Team Retreat - we celebrated a particularly great year in 2017 by taking the whole team the Italian Alps in March 2017 on a Team Retreat. In 2018 we headed to Yorkshire where we enjoyed great hospitality from one of our accommodation partners. In 2019 you may say we were closer still as we headed to the Outer Hebrides. 

Feats of Human Awesomeness - in 2019 we introduced a new budget which any team could apply for. The purpose of this was to encourage individuals (as part of a team) to undertake a challenge or event they might not otherwise do. 

Table Tennis (and other games) - last year we moved into a new purpose built office. We maintained a pretty tight reign on the budget but one thing we decided to splash out on was a table-tennis / board room table for our meeting room. It's fair to say that the table is used more frequently for table tennis than meetings.

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