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About us

The MarketMakers Group is a B2B marketing agency, who offer bespoke lead generation services to a range of clients. We support our clients’ ambitions to grow their businesses, by providing their sales teams with high quality sales leads that we generate by undertaking marketing campaigns on their behalf.

MarketMakers was established 15 years ago and is broken down into two brands: MarketMakers (outbound telemarketing, telesales and data services) and Really B2B (strategic and creative agency). Together they form a full service marketing agency which has enjoyed consecutive annual growth year on year.

Our Mission is:

Our mission is to drive the growth of our clients businesses by providing world class sales and marketing solutions. We are committed to building a team of highly talented people and we will use innovative technology to help deliver the highest levels of return on investment. Always moving forward, never standing still.

Our Values are:

• Deliver a World Class Customer Experience

• Personal Development

• One Team

• Performance

• Great Times

We live and breathe the values of the company at MarketMakers and our whole work ethic revolves around these values. All of our performance plans, competitions and incentives are created with these in mind.

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What employees say

I started working at MarketMakers in May 2018 after finishing my degree in Media & Communications. I love working for the business and have made some friends for life. I’m continuously being given opportunities to broaden my knowledge and skills on the business and the marketing industry. I really look forward to coming to work and have already referred two of my friends to join the company because I think it’s such an inviting, and supportive place to work.

Daisy Truman
Senior Marketing Executive
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What defines us

Ever since we started 15 years ago we have made it a tradition to have twice weekly company meetings which are attended by every member of staff. These twice weekly meetings, held on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons act as a platform for rapid inter-company communication and can be the difference in employees having a good or a great week. These meetings are commonly run by Tom James, Managing Director or Steve Cass, People Director. The meetings are a platform for sharing company news and congratulating those involved in the successes of the business. As MarketMakers operates in different teams that focus on different clients, we find it is important to share with everyone what they are doing to work towards the same goal. This ensures staff feel included and know they are appreciated for all of their hard work.

In these meetings the passion of Managing Director, Tom James, comes through and it is obvious he will do whatever he can to inspire and motivate the whole company. The meetings are used to plan the week and celebrate the successes of the week that’s been.


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What inspires us

Within the MarketMakers group, it is really important for us to encourage a fun working environment for our employees. We understand that telemarketing can be a demanding industry, so we actively work to ensure the office is an exciting and enjoyable place to be.

What’s more fun than a little department competition? Every Friday, we hold our weekly inter unit challenges where departments go up against each other in a variety of tasks including scavenger hunts, talent shows, pub quizzes and more. These give departments the opportunity to win treats like dress down days and a coffee in Starbucks.

Our MarketMakers social events are also a major way that we make sure our company continues to be a fun workplace to be a part of. As one of our core company values is Great Times, we actively ensure that our working year is filled with exciting events and trips to make sure our employees enjoy where they work. We think that this is a really important factor of our business, as we have found that our employee engagement and retention correlates with our client engagement and retention.

Some major events in our MarketMakers annual social calendar include:

• Sports day / Dodgeball

• Holiday Incentives – 3 times a year

• Family fun day

• End of Q2 event

• Cowes

• Christmas Party


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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Word from the top

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Career and jobs

Application tips

There are certain characteristics that we look for in potential new employees.

Worth Ethic – When hiring a new employee we want to recognise a positive mentality concerning their work ethic. We look at factors such as goal setting and high levels of enthusiasm regarding their work life.

Intelligence – This includes educational and emotional intelligence. We proactively seek out candidates who have good communication skills and can effectively deliver a message coherently.

Prior Success –Although we hunt for candidates who have a good level of experience in our industry or someone who has had previous success at university or college, it is also necessary for us to look at achievements past work.

Coach-ability – We require employees who not only can absorb feedback, but who can use that feedback and use it to work on their personal and career development.

Stability – This characteristic shows us that a candidate will make a reliable and respectful employee, we can determine this by looking at tenure in previous positions and any job movements.

Curiosity – As a major part of our company culture evolved around personal development, we look for employees who are curious and inquisitive and want to learn more is a major factor of the recruitment process.


Our great workplace

A major part of our company culture evolves around personal development, we look for employees who are curious and inquisitive and want to learn more is a major factor of the recruitment process.

As well as the characteristics that we actively look for, we ensure that we are hiring candidates based on their fit for the role. Our hiring process works in several specific stages, all of which are used to make sure we are finding the right employees for the job, and making sure there time at MarketMakers group is a positive one.

We also operate on an open-door policy within MarketMakers. This provides complete transparency for our clients, however really importantly shows our employees that they have a safe and welcoming working environment that supports their ideas and contributions to the company. As well as following this on a daily basis, we also run schemes and events specifically designed to include all members of our MarketMakers team.


Sadekur Rahman
Recruitment Manager

Tel: 0845 468 0880
3 Job offers
Senior Sales Executive


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