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London Vision Clinic


About us

We are a provider of laser eye surgery services. Our customers are people who are short-sighted, long-sighted or have astigmatism and who want to permanently remove the need for glasses or contact lenses. We treat a very wide range of prescriptions and we also pioneered the use of Laser Blended Vision to treat a condition called presbyopia. We are leaders in the field of clinical research and currently produce more peer-reviewed research than any other organisation in the United Kingdom. Our primary competitors are Optical Express, Optimax and Moorfields Eye Hospital. Our vision is to provide outstanding clinical care by using the best equipment, the most rigorous testing, researching every aspect of the refractive field and having a workforce that are as passionate and dedicated as the founders, and through this, making sure the customer journey is as enjoyable and as seamless as possible. We hold a Gold accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International) and an ISO9001 accreditation. Our mission as a company starts with a passion to provide our patients with the very best in vision correction while simultaneously providing them with a great customer service experience. It demands that we treat our staff exceptionally well as they are the key to delivering a superior level of patient care. It succeeds when we can also engage in meaningful charitable projects, produce important clinical research and when we take time to have fun with our colleagues.

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What employees say

Having always worked in customer service, I feel proud to work for such a high-quality company that somehow maintains so much personality and warmth. Witnessing someone the first time they walk in the clinic with their glasses on, to then seeing them again walk back in without their glasses and a big grin on their face is such a wonderful and rewarding thing to see.

Anna Gaw
Lead Clinic Coordinator
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Management is approachable, easy to talk with.

I am offered training or development to further myself professionally.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnic origin.

I'm proud to tell others I work here.

When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.

I would recommend the products and services we provide.

What defines us

The culture of London Vision Clinic is unique in many ways; all staff are considered to be 'family' and the company appreciates the need to invest in their staff. The clinic is rarely open at weekends (approximately 8 weekends a year) as we believe this gives our staff time to rest, relax, participate in extracurricular activities, and spend time with their family and friends. We have allocated a 'Wow' budget to our staff, they can use this to do something extra nice for their fellow employees; every staff member is allowed to use their own judgement on how to spend it. We have individual training budgets for staff and grant study leave days off. All our staff are entitled to free laser eye surgery and we offer vastly discounted rates for friends and family. We expect staff to get involved with clinic social events and offer a 'culture budget' for teams to also organise their own socials whether this be a bottomless brunch, go-karting, 'create your own' workshops or simply a nice dinner. 

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What inspires us

Full private health and dental insurance is provided to all employees on completion of the 3 month probation period. Staff have access to a subsidized quit smoking program through our private health insurance and the clinic also offers to pay the initial start of a nicotine replacement for a total of 3 months. Staff members are offered a free optional flu vaccines administered at the clinic prior to flu season and free optional supplements and vitamins. We always keep our staff rooms stocked with bread, butter, milk, cereal, cold drinks and bowls of fruit for staff to help themselves to - within this we cater for any staff members with allergies or food intolerance. We hold different subsidized clubs including the 'book club', yoga classes and a running club, providing opportunities to exercise and socialize. Once a month our massage therapist for our patients offers staff a 5 minute ‘desk’ massage. We give anniversary cards, anniversary bonuses and loyalty pins for each year of employment to show our gratitude for the staff's years of dedication and loyalty and we provide monthly bonuses based around working targets as well as Christmas bonuses. The staff are taken on annual trips depending on the company target hit, either in the UK or around the world. We have Clinic Awards once year, team building days, monthly social events and family days.

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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Action highlights

Each new staff member receives an extensive new starter manual. The manual includes; welcome page, welcome note and general information, London Vision Clinic- about the people, photos of all staff, all staff mobile numbers, information about our surgeons and their careers, a history of London Vision Clinic, a history of Harley Street, information about our ISO9001 certification, information about our governing body the Care Quality Commission, information about our working relationship with laser company Zeiss, training log introduction, general training log for the clinic, specific training log for the job role, an outline of our patient journey process for pre-operative/ post-operative and surgery patients, a ‘little bit about the eye’ general knowledge on refractive laser eye surgery, and other helpful policies and procedures. All of London Vision Clinic senior managers including the Managing Director work in an open office environment amongst employees. Staff members are encouraged to communicate with management at any time with concerns, for advice and sharing of information. We have a very flexible approach to sick leave and compassionate leave.  There is flexibility for staff requiring time off for health related appointments and personal circumstances are given. Management is flexible on both the rota allowing staff to make specific requests and also for emergency or unexpected circumstances that may arise.

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Career and jobs

Application tips

All staff members at London Vision Clinic have the same goal – they want to deliver exceptional customer service and care to our patients. When we recruit for new staff we search for individuals who are passionate about people, driven to go that extra mile in terms of customer service and are constantly motivated to perform above and beyond what is expected of them in their job roles.

We use a range of different advertising mediums and recruitment strategies to attract a wide range of candidates from; job agencies, job advertisements in varying publications, recommendations from our current staff, to reach a larger volume of candidates.

During the interview process we ensure that every candidate is not only interviewed by managers but also by one or two members from the team on the panel too. If the candidate is successful at the interview we will invite them back for a second stage. We always invite the candidates that have been successful at the first round for a second stage interview. The candidate will meet the business owners and spend time with the team; this gives the candidate the opportunity to ask about the job and to get to know the team better. During this time we emphasize how important culture is in our organisation and let candidates know that we expect them to engage in a good portion of our social events and be involved in our company.

Our great workplace

We have an extensive induction process to integrate new employees and make them feel welcome. A welcome folder will be produced, tailored to which team the new starter will join and sent out prior to the start date. This will include a welcome letter, list of what to bring on your first day, brief blurb and photo of each team member, local restaurants and coffee shops, banks and travel information in the area.

Each new staff member receives a goody bag containing 1 travel coffee mug, personalised travel wallet and a £10 gift voucher from Pret on their first day. Each new staff member is assigned a mentor from their team to oversee everything in their training and development. On the new staff member's first day they are given a full tour of the building; introducing them to other members of staff, building facilities and showing them staff recreation areas. This member of staff will also get the new member of staff set up at their new workspace. At the first Friday of the month the new employee is asked to introduce themselves to the clinic and tell everyone a little about themselves at the staff meeting. Each new staff member also receives an extensive new starter manual.

On completion of the 3 month probation period the new employee is presented with a bottle of champagne and a card from the staff at the clinic at the first Friday of the month meeting. It is also announced in the staff weekly newsletter. 

Lucy Mackenzie
Assistant Clinic Manager

Tel: 02072241005
0870 608 8780
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