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Kantar Worldpanel

Professional Services

About us

Kantar Worldpanel is the global expert in shoppers’ behaviour.

Through continuous monitoring, advanced analytics and tailored solutions, Kantar Worldpanel inspires successful decisions made by brand owners, retailers, market analysts and government organisations globally.

In the UK we work with more than 550 clients, from the nation’s biggest retailers and global FMCG manufacturers to small family-owned producers. We offer our clients a 360º understanding of UK consumers, from their purchasing habits and how they use the products they buy, to their attitudes and media exposures.

Our clients love what we do for them – and our business is flourishing. As a result, this is our twentieth consecutive year of growth in an increasingly challenging market. We believe that our key strength is our people and the relationships they have with our clients and each other.

Kantar Worldpanel is part of Kantar Group – home to some of the world's leading research, data and insights brands. We are owned by WPP, and therefore part of the largest advertising network in the world.

In the UK you can find us in Hanger Lane, West London, where our staff are based. But we are just one part of a global brand which has presence in 60 countries.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to turn purchase behaviour into competitive advantage. Our vision is to inspire success. Our company ambition is to achieve a set of objectives which are articulated in a strategic plan called Horizon 2021. This has four strategic priorities which have multiple actions under each. These are:

1. To be successful in markets and in clients

2. Continue investing in our offer and innovation

3. To do everything with excellence inside (i.e. the best possible internal processes and systems.)

4. To invest in our people in order to deliver all of the above.

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What defines us

The best way to describe this is probably through our company values.

Trust: We trust and nurture our people, give them the tools to do a great job and let them get on with doing the best job that they can.

Curiosity: We want our people to ask why and want to know more – our business depends on it. So it’s important that we can think outside of the box and that we are inquisitive in nature.

Passion: We’re incredibly lucky to have a team of people who are very committed and passionate about doing a great job for our clients and also have the enthusiasm to make a positive difference. We love what we do and it shows.

Listening: Everyone in our business is encouraged to speak up, have a voice and has the right to be listened to.

Caring: We genuinely care for each other, it’s a cliché but Kantar Worldpanel is a big family! It’s also important to us that we show real care for our work, whatever our roles or level.

Fun: Last but not at all least, we like to have fun and find every opportunity to work it into our daily lives. We work very hard so it’s important to have a laugh and spend time with each other as people, not just colleagues.

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What inspires us

We like to have fun and recognise all the hard work that our teams put into their jobs every single day. We make sure to spend time with each other as people, as well as colleagues. When we enjoy what we do, it becomes infectious. This breathes right through the business and manifests itself in many different ways.

We have a social committee who organise activities through the year, such as the summer and Christmas socials which are open for all to attend and heavily subsidised by the company. One event which has become a bit of an institution is the VMAs (Video Music Awards). Teams are encouraged to make a video for the competition, which has a different theme each year. We then hire out a cinema and have a viewing party where we watch the entries and announce the winners. The Board always completes their own entry whilst accepting that they will never get the Oscar!

Our annual all staff conference (the KGM) is our chance to bring together everyone across our teams, get to know each other and have a lot of fun!

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Action highlights

Celebrating personal contributions to our continued growth is something we always look to do in many ways for example: 

  • We like to celebrate special events throughout the year. At Easter for example we gave out 570 eggs to our colleagues, with our MD and Finance Director dressing up as the Easter Bunny and glamorous assistant. 
  • Promotions Lunch – every time someone gets promoted, they are invited to celebrate the occasion with an off-site lunch with Tim and some of our other board directors
  • Birthday Day Off – everyone has their birthday as a paid day off to spend with friends and loved ones. If it falls on a weekend, they take it close to the day to have an extended weekend.
  • Long Service Awards – we celebrate when our people have worked with the company for a long period. Those who have 10 years, there is an additional week of holiday in that year.
  • Big Birthdays – significant birthdays are rewarded with a team meal out.
  • New Family Arrivals – parents of new babies are sent flowers and huge congratulations from the team.
  • Our line managers are given the flexibility and encouraged to celebrate with their teams and reward them with a team night out or meal when they’ve done great work, such as great delivery of a project or exceeding targets.
  • We have a spot bonus budget, so that we can flexibly reward our people who have completed an important piece of work, or won a big client contract. 

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Word from the top

“Inspiring people to feel proud of themselves for the work that they do, and for what we collectively achieve for our clients is important to our business. We are at the end of the day a people business. The more we support our people, the better we help our clients and the better our business performs. We are strongest when we work together as a team, but we also try to celebrate individuals as well so that they understand how much we appreciate their efforts.”

Tim Kidd
Managing Director - Europe
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Career and jobs

Application tips

It’s our job as a company to get under the skin of consumers and deliver our clients the insight from this. To do that properly it’s important our people are recruited from as wide and diverse pool of talent as possible. When we are looking for new people to join our team, we always try to be accessible to all, whether that’s to people fresh out of school or college who are just starting out in their career or experienced hires looking to use their skills in a new setting.

Although assessing job-specific skills is a really important part of our recruitment process, the characteristics we look for in our people are far broader than this. During our recruitment process we use both a competency framework, which we have developed outlining the behaviours and attitudes we look for in our people. It includes indicators under five headings which include People and Teams, Client, Communication and Personal Effectiveness, Business and Knowledge, and Expertise. In addition, we also look for people who can demonstrate that they’re aligned with our values which we see as pivotal to our culture, see the next section for more on this.

Our great workplace

We are particularly proud of our culture of showing spontaneous signs of appreciation and care. Tim, the Board and our line managers often do unprompted, genuine acts of kindness, which mean so much more to our people than policy or process. It might be an unexpected afternoon off to watch the World Cup, a special dinner as a thank you for a job done well, or ice creams for all in the hot weather. We are proud of our trust culture (no time sheets, no holiday forms) but we are most proud of our culture of recognition and reward.

Abigail Macdonald
HR Director – UK, Ireland & US

Tel: +44 (0) 7764 272337
0203 883 1240
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