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Established in

About us

We are an independent multi-award winning global creative change agency - focused on transforming the impact of leadership action in organisations. 

Our expertise is rooted in 39 years of designing custom solutions for organisations confronting a need to adapt, change and grow. We work at the boundary between the people strategy and the organisations development strategy, connecting and developing both.

Our work focuses on leadership and especially on transforming the quality and effectiveness of leadership action across an organisation.

We have learned that all the things that organisations need and want to change (performance, agility, engagement, innovation, talent management, middle management performance, cultural change, etc.) depend on the same thing; effective leadership action from everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Ultimately it is leadership action, the thing that leaders actually do, that builds an organisation that is worth working for, worth investing in, worth being a customer of or a supplier to.

We are working with teams all over the world to build the leadership action culture that makes change happen.

As a learning organisation, we too have continued to adapt and change. We regularly win awards as a Great Place to Work and are proud to be recognised as a responsible organisation.

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What employees say

Everybody has an opportunity to make a difference and is encouraged to bring their talents to the table. The CEO has an open door policy. We have a unique family atmosphere and a very caring environment with more flexibility than any where else I have ever worked. There are lots of opportunities for development and to make a difference.

Michelle Roberts
Account Manager
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This is a fun place to work.

This is a friendly place to work.

Management shows appreciation for good work and extra effort.

We have special and unique benefits here.

We're all in this together.

I would recommend the products and services we provide.

What defines us

Shared purpose and vision

At Impact we are all bought into our purpose and vision – we are immersed in it, we cultivate it, promote it when hiring, we seek it and we share it with our clients. It is from this shared purpose that each and every employee feels that they have personal and collective ownership which leads to people feeling that they can take an act of leadership, be creative, try something new and go out of their way to help achieve our goals.

Practice what we preach – Inspire and develop to make a difference – Doing well by doing good

We do this via our approach to learning and development (Impact’s Academy), promoting self-development and encouraging time off work for further development, coaching, mental health and wellbeing, helping and working in the community, making a positive impact on people's lives via a plethora of other activities.

Every employee without exception has a chance to get involved, to change somebody's life, to inspire others. 

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What inspires us

Open and Honest Communication - Led from the top by our CEO, his open style of speaking is inspirational in our business.

Celebrate success - We enjoy the work we do and have fun whenever we can. 

Health and Wellbeing - We try hard to make Impact an emotionally and physically healthy place to work. Flexible working, health insurance, gym memberships, lunchtime yoga and keep fit classes, free fruit, monthly massages, outside working spaces, mental health and wellbeing workshops, our in house Going The Distance programme and access to all the outdoor facilities at Impact HQ (wild swimming, canoeing, mountain biking), all play their part. 

Doing well by doing good - Impact is in business to build organisations worth working for and what better place to start than with our own organisation. We are passionate about responsible business and supporting our local and global community. We engage in a number of successful and meaningful initiatives that embrace our values and live our culture. Our charitable work is not driven by a desire for profit or publicity, it comes from the heart of the business.


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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

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Word from the top

Impact is not just a job or a place of work. Impact is about friendship, a fulfilling career, a safe yet challenging place to grow and develop and as we all know, an organisation worth working for.

David Williams
Founder and CEO
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Career and jobs

Application tips

When recruiting for new candidates we firstly look for strong team players - relationships are at the core of how we operate globally. Our focus is for people who have a self-assured approach and are consequently warm, calm, easy-going and self-confident. We need candidates who are open to continuous learning (learning is what we do) with strong proactive problem-solving skills, people who not only identify problems but come up with solutions!

Impact’s values are at the heart of our business – people know what our values are, they are not written up and displayed on the walls, they are within each and every employee. Candidates will share Impact’s values as this is key differentiator for us.

When recruiting consultants we look for the following attributes; excellent knowledge in our subject matter, confidence, presence when in front of a group, self-awareness, humility and a genuine interest in other people that leads them to ask rather than tell.

Julie Robinson
HR Manager

Tel: 01539 488333
0870 608 8780
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