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Foundation SP

Established in

About us

Foundation SP (“FSP”) is a digital solutions and services provider that enables organisations to positively engage people and unlock the value of data. We are a people-centric business that are incredibly proud of the values-led and inclusive culture that we have created.

We work with a variety of public and private sector organisations to help them to transform the way they work and leverage data solutions to better work with their customers and employees.

Our expertise in business productivity applications, cloud solutions and data & artificial intelligence (“AI”) helps our customers to deliver on their strategic objectives.

This is supported by our proven strategy and change expertise which enables businesses to embed technology and cultural change to realise return on their technology investments.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and our digital solutions deliver improved collaboration and communications, enhanced digital business process & workflow, cloud enablement, data and AI transformation and managed service & support.  

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What employees say

FSP truly cares about their employee. They encourage each employee to be the best they can and actively seek ways to make this possible.

The human connections and relationships between the team are very special with a very high level of trust between colleagues. This also extends to clients and they so often remark on what a positive and kind bunch we are delivering amazing work. I love the diverse and inclusive nature of FSP.

Wholesome & genuine is the best way to describe it. It's clear that nothing is more important than the sense of family/community and shared values - even money. Management is extremely transparent and are willing to be held accountable. Everyone has a voice, and is listened to. Management accept individuals as the flawed humans they are and don't demand perfection or too much conformity. Our clients love us, and the output is consistently strong across the board. The charity work we do is a lovely bonus!

The trust and empowerment from leaders is like nothing i've seen before in any former roles. The collective sense of 'caring' across all employees make it an incredible family to belong to.

I have been working for 25 years and have worked in lots of organisations across various sectors but never have I worked for an organisation who lives it's values like FSP. It felt like I'd come home.

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I'm proud to tell others I work here.

Management keeps me informed about important issues and changes.

My manager/supervisor and I have open and honest conversations about work.

This is a friendly place to work.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their sex.

This organisation manages its impact upon society responsibly.

What defines us

Our vision is to change the way that business works. We help to drive organisational culture and practices that are suited to the demands of the future, moving away from the failed hierarchical models and outdated power-based relationships that have typified workplaces in the past.

We also love technology. Our digital solutions enable positive change to support employee productivity and collaborative working cultures. We engage with our clients on their journey to becoming high performing organisations that are equipped to deliver exciting and successful outcomes in a rapidly changing and challenging world.

We support our clients to embrace a culture of engagement, experimentation and responsive delivery to maximise the opportunity that the digital workplace offers - our strategic and business consulting, user experience and technology solution delivery services are all focused on this goal.

Through this vision our clients gain better outcomes for business, higher levels of engagement with employees and stronger relationships with their own clients. We believe that human beings are incredible things as individuals: resilient, resourceful, adaptable, wonderful, infinitely surprising. Yet the future of humanity and a better, sustainable way of living with the many challenges we face lies in how we work together in groups: what we call The Power of Together.

Our commitment to people is matched by our passion for high performance and by the incredible achievements we can enable in our clients. Our ethos, values and the commitment we have embedded into our culture all align behind this.

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What inspires us

We ensure that we provide the best possible experience to our people, truly caring and developing them to bring out the best in our team. Our employees feel safe and motivated to develop personally and deliver an equally outstanding experience to our clients. With high customer satisfaction, this ensures our clients are keen to maintain a continuous and long-term engagement with FSP, speaking highly of our work and further recommending us. The cycle completes with the positive experience back to our people, who draw pride and energy from succeeding and with a high level of client experience and outcomes. We continue to scale our successful, sustainable and profitable business model by living authentically to our values and culture. 

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Action highlights

Pulse 360 – Our new way to listen and learn from employees

With feedback such an important part of life at FSP, when we began to notice our previous tool was losing impact and relevance for employees, we asked them what they wanted and needed. When nothing on the market was a fit for their needs, we worked to build our own. As a result, Pulse 360 was born. Pulse 360 is our tool for supporting employee voice and feedback alongside an agile self-assessment to support their growth and development journey with FSP. As it has proved so successful internally, we now have clients also using Pulse 360 to drastically improve Employee Voice and Performance within their organisations too. 



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Word from the top

FSP is a business that puts our people first and commits to be the best we can be. We’re continuously learning and seeking out improvements, whilst never compromising our ethos. 

Simon Grosse
Chief Executive Officer
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Career and jobs

Laura Carey
Head of Engagement

Tel: 0118 935 7168
Application tips

FSP is committed to recruiting a diverse set of people that can complement and enhance our unique culture, whilst being ambassadors of our values. We look for optimistic and passionate people that will contribute to creating positive experiences, outcomes and build great relationships with their peers and our clients. It is incredibly important to us that everyone has a meaningful and successful career during their journey with the organisation.


0870 608 8780
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