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Cirrus Logic


About us

Cirrus Logic is the world’s largest audio semiconductor company. The company designs and develops high performance, low-power integrated circuits for audio and voice-related products. The company’s products are featured in most of the world’s innovative smartphones, tablets, digital headsets, wearables and emerging smart home applications, enabling solutions from high-performance voice capture and command all the way to high-fidelity audio playback.

The company attracts and recruits some of the world’s leading audio engineers that are focusing on cutting-edge solutions in audio and voice features that are shaping how consumers interact with the world around them. 

At Cirrus Logic, we are No.1 in Audio and that's because we hire the best and brightest and stick to our core Vision, Mission, and Values. We try to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. 

Our Vision: 

First Choice in Signal Processing Products

  • For our customers 
  • For shareholders
  • For our employees

Our Mission:

Cirrus Logic provides innovative, high-performance analog and digital signal processing products that "rock" (advance our customers, benefit our shareholders and reward our employees)  

  • To exceed our customers' expectations
  • Deliver solid value to our shareholders
  • Build confidence and pride in our company

Our Values:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Job Satisfaction

Watch our History of Innovation Video

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What employees say

For the employee, the company genuinely gives a feeling of "You matter: your job is important, your family is important and your health is important". This is demonstrated by family and other social events, performance rewards and health seminars. Management is seen to be expert in knowledge and decision making for the industry, and inspires confidence.

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This is a friendly place to work.

Our facilities contribute to a good working environment.

I believe my organisation is highly regarded by its clients/customers.

I'm proud to tell others I work here.

I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.

Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.

What defines us

Here at Cirrus Logic, we pride ourselves on our practices that aim to provide a great work/life balance and believe this is a large part of what makes our culture unique. We encourage employees to take time every month to enjoy company happy hours with their colleagues, but we also give them the opportunity to share events with loved ones by offering plus ones to our Date Nights and Holiday parties. We create a family environment for our employees with our ‘Cirrus Logic Kids Club’ and family events, and we even have our own mascot - Chip! We want our employees’ family members to know that we appreciate the work our employees do and want them all to have a sense of belonging within our organisation.

 We work extremely hard to create an office environment that is unique and aligned with our culture. We aim to always invest our capital back into our people to ensure that they are proud of where they work. We have new state-of-the-art facilities in the UK with modern working environments. Employees have sit/stand desks, and casual meeting/work spaces have been implemented across the offices. We also have a number of unique wellness areas including a jam room and free guitar lessons, games rooms and quarterly pool night competitions, onsite gyms with fitness classes and zen rooms to host on-site massage. Ultimately, our working environment allows our employees the space required to reflect, collaborate and create! 

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What inspires us

A career at Cirrus Logic provides the opportunity to work on innovative projects alongside some of the industry’s best engineers. This is a culture where you get to work with some of the largest, most innovative customers and products on the planet on a daily basis and where everyone is a key contributor to the company’s success. And of course, no accomplishment or milestone is too small to go unnoticed, Cirrus Logic prides itself for its programmes that celebrate successes at the corporate, work team and individual level.

Cirrus Logic provides its employees with competitive salaries and bonus programs, equity and personal and professional development training to enhance career growth, patent recognition awards and an employee Innovation Conference. With office locations in Edinburgh, London and Newbury, Cirrus Logic provides UK employees with numerous unique on-site and off-site programs that have contributed to the company’s exceptional corporate culture. These programs include monthly happy hours and birthday celebrations, family friendly events, Cirrus Logic Kids Club, wellness initiatives, community outreach, free vending and fresh fruit, to name but a few. Cirrus Logic also actively supports several initiatives in the UK designed to elevate STEM-related career opportunities as well as numerous activities that are helping to foster greater participation of women in engineering and technology. 


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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Word from the top

“During the past five years of working directly with our U.K. employees, we’ve developed a truly exceptional culture and overall work environment where our employees can thrive. With so much of our lives revolving around work and career it’s important to balance that by celebrating our families and including them in our work culture. We continue to drive innovative programs to enhance the family-friendly culture and overall employee job satisfaction we’ve built for employees.”

Jo-Dee Benson
Vice President and Chief Culture Officer
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Career and jobs

Application tips

Is Cirrus Logic the coolest semiconductor company on the planet? We like to think so, but why don't you check us out and see for yourself?

We <3 engineers. They are our innovators, our problem solvers, the ones creating the products you use every day - and the products you don’t even know about yet!

But engineers aren’t robots, and sometimes they need a little TLC. So, at Cirrus Logic we think creatively, go that extra mile, to build a work environment that helps employees do great work and develop a great career. Building great products for the world’s greatest companies. Working hard and having fun. Giving back to our community and treating each family as part of our bigger family. That’s who we are.

Beyond technical skills, we look for individuals who can demonstrate that they share the characteristics or achievements that are consistent with our core values, including such traits as accountability, acting with a sense of urgency, customer focused, commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, strong communication skills and integrity. We seek individuals with a strong work ethic and who demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, to improve processes and create a better work structure and business environment. We want people who collaborate well in a team setting and put team goals ahead of all else.

Our great workplace

Our thorough recruitment process is subject to continuous review to ensure that our procedures and processes align with our recruitment requirements. Our methodology behind the interview/selection process is to get the best out of the candidates so that we can make a qualified decision – not only to determine whether they have the desired technical skills but are also a good fit within our company culture.

Our open-communication and highest standards of ethics mean that we foster a safe, open environment that celebrates individuality and collaboration. Our equal and open culture is reflected in our interview process; we want to recognise that your behaviours fulfil that company ethos we strive for.

Anna Sapkota

Tel: 0131 272 2000
0870 608 8780
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