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Hack The Box

Hack The Box

Updated October 2023.

About Hack The Box

Company Overview
Hack The Box is a leading gamified cybersecurity upskilling, certification, and talent assessment platform enabling individuals, businesses, government institutions, and universities to sharpen their offensive and defensive security expertise.Launched in 2017, Hack The Box brings together the largest global cybersecurity community of more than 2m platform members and is on a mission to create and connect cyber-ready humans and organizations through highly engaging hacking experiences that cultivate out-of-the-box thinking.Offering a fully guided skills development environment, it is the ideal solution for cybersecurity professionals and organizations to continuously enhance their cyber-attack readiness by improving their red, blue, and purple team capabilities.
Company Size 22 UK-based Employees
INDUSTRY Information Technology
Hack The Box Head Office

United Kingdom

Employee Demographics

  • <2 years - 64%
  • 2-5 years - 36%

Company Culture at Hack The Box

The employee experience below at Hack The Box, compared to a typical company.

95% of employees at Hack The Box say it is a great place to work*, compared to 54% of employees at a typical UK based company.
Hack The Box
Typical Company
*Responses to the statement “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” vs. a typical UK company.


This is a physically safe place to work.


Everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition.


Management is approachable, easy to talk with.


Management recognizes honest mistakes as part of doing business.


Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.

Working at Hack The Box

HTB 1st office in Greece
HTB logo shaped by the employees
CEO & Founder of Hack The Box, Haris Pylarinos
Working together on our annual global retreat in Poros, Greece
Group activity on our annual global retreat in Poros, Greece
HTB members from content engineering, marketing & HR
#2 Engineering Meetup in Athens, Greece

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