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TopLine Comms

TopLine Comms

Updated April 2024.

About TopLine Comms

Company Overview
 We're the UK's leading brand alignment company. We define and align brilliant brands. Our experts define what you stand for, and bring that to life in everything you say and do. We're not jacks-of-all-trades. We've built our business from teams of real specialists. They work together, so everything you do is coherent, consistent, and compelling. We do it for start-ups, scale-ups, global household names, and the public sector. In a world awash with hyperbole and information overload, we deliver brand strategies and experiences that people actually understand, and that actually make a difference. We research market opportunities. We create brand strategies. We transform customer and colleague experiences. We create content, and build reputations. We work with you to understand and improve your business. We have over 100 specialists spanning insight, business and brand strategy, PR, tone of voice, creative and performance marketing, SEO, video, and customer and colleague experience, working with more than 300 clients across the globe.
Company Size 22 UK-based Employees
TopLine Comms Head Office

London, United Kingdom

Employee Demographics

  • <2 years - 48%
  • 2-5 years - 24%
  • 6-10 years - 24%
  • 16-20 years - 5%

Company Culture at TopLine Comms

The employee experience below at TopLine Comms, compared to a typical company.

92% of employees at TopLine Comms say it is a great place to work*, compared to 54% of employees at a typical UK based company.
TopLine Comms
Typical Company
*Responses to the statement “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” vs. a typical UK company.


Everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition.


You can count on people to cooperate.


Management shows appreciation for good work and extra effort.


I am given the resources and equipment to do my job.


People here are willing to give extra to get the job done.

Working at TopLine Comms

Working at TopLine Comms

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