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FactSet Europe Ltd

FactSet Europe Ltd

Updated July 2021.

About FactSet Europe Ltd

Company Overview
When FactSet was established in 1978, our two founders sent printed copies of financial information (a “fact set”) to clients by courier. Since then, we have grown to become a leading provider of online data and analytics tools for investment professionals. When we started there was a team fewer than 10 people and we delivered our data to our clients on paper, via bike messenger. Now we are a greater than 9,600 strong in 24 countries delivering best in class solutions at the intersection of technology and Finance. The thread line from FactSet’s founding to today is the focus on our people, FactSetter’s. We pride ourselves on not only hiring the best but also the nicest people. We create data and software solutions for tens of thousands of investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial investment decisions. We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology by continually developing and refining our own software. Our sophisticated tools enable clients to control and customise data as never before and to present their findings in any format they imagine. What differentiates us from our competitors and other Companies is that no matter how much we have grown, as far as our reach, and as successful as we have become we have not lost our original focus; we stay connected to our clients and to each other.
Company Size 536 UK-based Employees
INDUSTRY Information Technology
FactSet Europe Ltd Head Office

United Kingdom

Employee Demographics

  • <2 years - 29%
  • 2-5 years - 23%
  • 6-10 years - 26%
  • 11-15 years - 14%
  • 16-20 years - 6%
  • Over 20 years - 2%

Company Culture at FactSet Europe Ltd

The employee experience below at FactSet Europe Ltd, compared to a typical company.

90% of employees at FactSet Europe Ltd say it is a great place to work*, compared to 54% of employees at a typical UK based company.
FactSet Europe Ltd
Typical Company
*Responses to the statement “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” vs. a typical UK company.


This is a physically safe place to work.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their race.


I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.

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