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Multivitamin Group

Established in

About us

A team of experienced creatives and technologists. Passionate about digital innovation with an award winning and international portfolio of work, we bring craft and intention to our projects, leveraging our collective experience and partnering with ambitious businesses to create truly effective solutions. With a constant ambition to Push the Possible we always squeeze as much creativity, tech or innovation from any budget. Having worked with some of the worlds biggest brands and invested in 20+ startup partners we now have the rare opportunity to truly change industries.

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Certified™ Companies
Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnic origin.

I'm proud to tell others I work here.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their age.

People care about each other here.

When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.

What defines us

We are best defined by our team who constantly Push The Possible. Our teams aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and are always willing to try something new. 

Push the possible - This is our foremost motto; treating it like a flag which we plant on behalf of our partners and ourselves at the forefront of every brief and challenge we face. This is about optimism, determination, passion and never settling for the mundane. 

Be more than a communicator - Regardless of your role, we believe that through collaboration you're doing more than your job title. You're a translator of concepts across industries, among professions, and importantly shaping ideas into something exceptional.

Stay humble - We're incredibly proud of our team and celebrate all victories, but solving the brief, helping the client and thinking of the end-user is our clear focus.

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What inspires us

We find inspiration from our people and their needs. From flexible working to having teams across the UK in London & Cornwall, South Africa, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Armenia, we seamlessly share ideas and refine our creative processes. 

We’ve built a company that enables a culture to thrive regardless of location and a creative atmosphere that encourages growth. We ensure the multitude of projects we work on are ones our team will truly enjoy and have the opportunity to nurture their skills. We recognise our team and their hard work each month with various awards, learning opportunities and courses, feedback and unique perks to stimulate development. 

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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

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Action highlights

We find value in the way we respond to our team’s successes and their needs. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after-all.

MVP’s - Recognising our team’s individual achievements and hard work and it’s not just a fancy term - four members across the studios are awarded a delicious voucher each month.

Skiing - We have an annual ski trip where our team get the chance to enjoy time away from the office. A chance to escape the laptops and unite the teams.

Circus - Run as a quarterly event, ‘Circus’ gives each team member a weekday off from project work to pursue any interest they choose. A genuine chance to explore a hobby, a city or even tackle a book they’ve wanted to. 

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Word from the top

We’ve always been driven to do the best work possible. To do the best work you need the best talent and to get the best talent you need a great culture. Culture underpins us and not just the obvious stuff like flexible working, holidays and nice benefits. 

It’s about treating people with respect, giving everyone a voice, learning by failing and allowing team members to have agency within our agency. We’re a collective, we’re a community we’re a great place to work.

Jacob Beckett
Founder & Executive Creative Director
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Career and jobs

Application tips

We look to hire the best candidates possible. That means that you'll always be working alongside the most talented people all who all have enormous potential. We consider applicants based on their cultural fit in the team and so you're guaranteed a truly enjoyable studio environment from the people you spend your time with. 

We have designers, crafters, D&D players, athletes, runners, coffee fanatics, foodies, family people, party people, pet lovers, book people, travel nuts and geniuses. If you’re a people person we’re sure you’ll fit right in.

If you'd love to work with us don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. Tell us your favourite joke or draw us a self-portrait. The wilder the better, let that inner Picasso or Jimmy Carr out!

Our great workplace

Remaining sector agnostic, there are very few industries we haven't worked in. This includes variations in budget sizes, startups or established businesses, direct to business or consumer-facing, and even deadline requirements. 

A huge part of this exposure is a collaboration with other Multivitamin studios who offer specialist skillsets. Such diversity allows us to cross-pollinate approaches between different industries for wholly new concepts and results. Nonetheless, publicly building ourselves around such an open mindset to the types of projects we work on has enabled us to give a "concept first" approach, leaving massive scope for innovation and positive change.

Be bold. Be brave. Be a little bit naughty

Dan Blackman
Studio Manager - Vitamin London

0870 608 8780
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