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Oldham College

Established in

About us

The College curriculum is delivered across ten Faculties covering from Digital Design through Performing Arts, Retail & Commercial, Caring Professions, ESOL to Professional Construction and Sport, Travel and Uniformed Public Services. Students can attend any of a huge range of provision from Entry Level qualifications / Independent Living for our SEND learners through o Level 3 qualifications in Business, Accounting, Health & Social Care etc. Many of our learners then progress to our own University Campus or to other Universities across the country. In addition we have a large, successful Apprenticeships programme running in almost all areas.
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What employees say

I started work at the college over 6 years ago and my first impression from the day of my interview and first day in work was that colleagues were friendly and welcoming and this has continued to be the case – other people who visit the college also comment on this if it’s their first experience of the college. The people I work alongside really care about the college and in doing their best for our learners and we work together to get the best outcomes. I often find we get involved with things that may not even strictly be our day jobs but working together as a team means we get the best results. I have worked with and managed a lot of people in my career but honestly can say these are the best I have worked alongside. The senior leadership team involves colleagues in decisions and listens to their ideas and feedback – to feel part of decisions for me means you are also engaged in the journey the college is on and I feel really clear on the direction we want to take. 

Michelle Royle
Head of Student Services
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People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.

When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride.

People care about each other here.

I'm proud to tell others I work here.

I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.

My work has special meaning: this is not "just a job".

What defines us

One of our unique features is openness and visibility. Our staff have told us that the best thing about the college is that they are able to say how they feel and can speak openly about what they agree and disagree with "Instead of our management team pushing ideas away they always take on ideas and listen to all members of staff".  We have a lot of visibility from the Senior Management Team, members of staff are very comfortable knocking on Debs (Deputy Principal) office door and asking her questions, and Debs is more than happy to help with questions and queries. We have great visibility of Alun Francis (Principal). Alun will pop into the office from time to time to see how we are all getting on, he will have a general chat with members of staff around the College which makes the culture feel real and that we matter. Alun will always congratulate students and recognise student and staff achievements throughout the year.

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What inspires us

Oldham College is very unique in many ways and we offer a wide range of training, development & great benefits to all employees. Here at Oldham College, we provide all staff with great training all year round. We have a CPD strategy and all staff benefit from at least 35 hours development per year. Annually the college offers the opportunity for all employees to submit applications for funding for higher level study that not only relates to their job role and would help them improve their own performance, but which also supports the wider development of the team, and Oldham College as a whole. We have an all year round 'Star' Award recognition programme and two 'All Staff' events per year with prizes awarded for a range of categories including 'Employee of the Year', 'Team of the Year' and the person who best represents our ambitions to be the 'Best Place to Work and Learn'. Our staff benefits include generous holidays, subsidised gym membership, on-site nursery and salon

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At a glance

Age of employees

Years with company

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Action highlights

Our exceptional workplace culture is built around our values.  Our values are an important part of our recruitment process; we want to recruit people whose values align with ours. The sense of community is central to culture. Our comprehensive induction process includes a College welcome event opportunity for new staff to hear directly from the Principal what we are about and what we expect of our staff. Through our ‘Star’ Awards scheme we recognise and celebrate the fabulous contributions our staff make to the success of the College and its learners.  We invest massively in the development of our staff, every member of staff receives at least minimum of 35 hours a year CPD and our teaching staff benefit from our sector leading and award winning  ‘Teaching for Distinction’ programme; helping them to develop fully their 'dual expertise' in their own vocational area and in teaching, working with and supporting our students in whatever way possible. 

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Word from the top

We’ve been making some tremendous advances in recent times in terms of the quality and choice in our offer, facilities, results and reputation. With a “good” Ofsted rating, a Silver “TEF” assessment for our higher education provision, one of the best apprenticeship programmes in the region, excellent 16-18 results and truly outstanding GCSE English results, we are already a high performer.   But we want to deliver much more than this.  Our ambition is to be “The Best Place to Learn and Work” and we have a clear Strategic Plan which sets out what this means and what we will do to deliver it.  We will keep on improving and innovating, and we are investing in new provision, new facilities and new technology. 

Alun Francis
Principal & Chief Executive
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Career and jobs

Application tips

Always make sure your CV is current, up to date and starts off with your most recent employment.   Avoid filler or flowery language. Keep it relevant and appropriate to the job you are applying for.   

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and mention relevant experience or ways in which you specifically meet the person specification. It never hurts to email the hiring manager (if a contact is given) to find out additional information about the role. Research the role and enhance your knowledge about the organisation. It shows you are aware, interested and engaged. Include a cover letter that is tailored to the role. Demonstrate enthusiasm and provide applicable examples. It is helpful to have someone read over your application before submitting to ensure you haven’t missed out any typos or grammatical errors. Do not mention anything you cannot provide evidence of or back up at interview stage. Honesty really is the best policy.

Our great workplace

Lastly, track your application. If you haven’t received a response, always be sure to chase it up and ask for feedback if available. 

Katy Blackshaw
HR Advisor

Tel: 0161 785 4250
0870 608 8780
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