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Shop TJC

Established in

About us

We exist to deliver joy, whether it is for our customers, employees, or to local communities. We aim to delight our customers by delivering beautiful, high-quality, desirable designs at an accessible value to all. Everywhere we operate, communities are supported through our Your Purchase Feeds Program, helping sustain the environment where we can and fulfil our corporate social responsibilities. Our employees take pride in working for an organization which has been awarded as a Great Place to Work® consecutively for 3 years in a row and as a Best Place to Work for Women for the past 2 years.
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What employees say

''We have around 16 nationalities, all races, religion, colour representation in the company and everyone works as a family!''

''Great office environment, friendly colleagues, very approachable management, flexibility.....the list goes on''

''The way TJC take care of its colleagues is amazing. TJC could be a prime example of the contemporary organisations which care for its employees genuinely and tentatively. It proved even to the next level when COVID-19 hits the globe. TJC has provided PPE such as masks, sanitisers as well as many mental health initiatives such as expert talks in all hands meetings, positivity e mails, yoga and mediation programmes to help employee's health. TJC is famous for its team activities. Despite the restrictions, they always make sure we have an exciting event to look forward in every month since March. 

Kas Gankanda
Head of HR
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People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.

I am offered training or development to further myself professionally.

Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.

I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.

I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position.

Management recognises honest mistakes as part of doing business.

What defines us

A positive culture at Shop TJC is essential for us to foster a sense of pride and ownership amongst our colleagues. When people take pride, they invest their future at TJC and work hard to create opportunities that benefit both sides. By identifying and rewarding those who are actively striving towards creating a positive work culture, and supporting others around them, TJC encourage others to do the same. Positive attitudes and rest of our core values  at Shop TJC are the direct results of effective leadership and a positive management style.

At Shop TJC, employees are valued, supported and nurtured irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or color. All employees should have equal opportunities to progress and equal access to all the perks and rewards on offer. 

Leadership and management style that encourages teamwork, open and honest communication is vital to creating a positive feeling at Shop TJC. 

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What inspires us

People at TJC are inspired by knowing that their hard work makes a difference beyond profitability. Employees want leaders who see beyond the obvious and look to create wider reaching impact that extends into the community and influences social causes, specially with our own charity ' Every purchase feeds'. 

The secret recipe to inspire colleagues at Shop TJC is to know the “ingredients” of the people we are inspiring. People want to know that their leaders understand their tendencies, aptitudes and behaviors well-enough to best work with and motivate them.  Our leaders and coaches always do. When they spend time with their team, they make it matter. Our leaders  pay attention and genuinely cares about the team. 

Innovation within the team and across the company makes our team inspire and excited too!!

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At a glance

Gender ratio

full-time / part-time

Career and jobs

Application tips

Shop TJC is equal opportunity employer. In order to maintain the fairness and equality across board, all open job vacancies are advertised on our career page.

It is a very straight forward process of applying for the role. Please make sure 

-You are all information provided is honest and accurate. all sections of the application are presented clearly and concisely.

 You tailor your application to meet the needs of the person specification. 

Make it easy for the selection panel to see how well you match the job. all information provided is relevant to the job as described within the About the Job details. 

You provide evidence of how your previous experience, skills and abilities mean that you match the needs of the job i.e. the abilities/skills specified within the essential/desirable criteria of the person specification. 

Our great workplace

Shop TJC has a very unique culture which cultivates family. Our colleagues happiness, safety and joy is our utmost important factor at Shop TJC. 

We work as a team and look after each other when ever they need. 

We trust each other immensely and respect our family.

We multiply positivity with honesty among our passionate team. 

We are your truly the second family!

You will know it when you join! 

Kas Gankanda
Head of HR

Tel: +447780703221
0870 608 8780
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