Migraine at Work: At the Hands of a Hidden Tormentor

 What a Migraine Feels LikeI was 15 when they started. Without warning, in a GCSE art class, the shapes I had sketched with Conté began to disappear – only to reappear through peripheral vision.

03.09.2019 by Sara Silvonen

Innovative People Practices for a Multigenerational Workforce

It’s no secret that employees from multiple generations bring distinct perspectives to the world of work. These ranging perspectives can result in positive outcomes such as innovation, productivity and efficiency, but they can also be...

5 Workplace Health and Safety Considerations

Health and safety is an essential part of business life that is often overlooked in work environments with perceived less risks, such as office premises. However, while office workers may be less at risk of physical injury than say factory...

22.05.2019 by Ella Hendrix

How does an Office Environment Impact Productivity?

If you are intending to move your business into new offices, you will have many different things to think about. Budget is always an important consideration, as is the location of the office. 

29.04.2019 by Ella Hendrix

Week 4: Let's Tackle the Silent Killer: How can individuals and organisations fight against stress?

Stress affects us all differently – and we also deal with it differently. As with most things, this is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and only you individually can know what works for you.

23.04.2019 by Sara Silvonen

Week 3: What Does Stress Cost People and Society?

In 2018, stress, depression and anxiety affected 595,000 UK employees. And every year, up to 300,000 employees leave their jobs due to issues with mental health. 

Week 2: How do we unpack the concept of stress?

Considered in general terms, it’s important to remember that stress is not a mental health issue as such. In its (original) biological sense, stress simply refers to a state of heightened arousal as a physiological...

10.04.2019 by Sara Silvonen

Week 1: Let’s talk about the Silent Killer at Work

National Stress Awareness Month has been held in the UK each April since 1992. In 2019, during every week of the 28th Stress Awareness Month, Great Place to Work UK will highlight different perspectives around the...

03.04.2019 by Sara Silvonen

 Practices that Create a High Trust Culture 

In a culture of trust: employees willingly help others even if it is not their job to do so, go the extra mile for their customers, work hard to fix problems, suggest innovative solutions to...

Why Supervisors are your #1 Communication Priority

Supervisors should be your number one communication priority. All corporate information and internal policy announcements should be geared towards empowering and engaging firstline supervisors. They are your best bet to changing employees’ behaviours. This article suggests establishing close senior leadership...

13.03.2019 by Dr. Gonzalo Shoobridge

Eight essential skills of people managers

This article proposes a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of people managers. It concentrates on eight essential skill areas where organisations and HR professionals could focus their people-manager development efforts.

15.10.2018 by Dr. Gonzalo Shoobridge

Creating a culture of trust

Trust is the defining principle of great workplaces and is created through management's credibility, the respect with which employees feel they are treated, and the extent to which employees expect to be treated fairly.

03.08.2018 by Dr. Gonzalo Shoobridge

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