Our specialised ACTION programmes show and help managers learn what the best organisations do that make them successful. They lay the foundations of a great workplace by focusing on the ten key leadership and people practice areas which are of special corporate interest. These 10 areas represent the full employee cycle from recruiting and onboarding to leaving.

Our approach

Our ACTION team follows a Culture-First philosophy. We place the employee at the centre of all we do. We start ACTION with the end result in mind – what does your organisation want to achieve? We help you achieve your business and people objectives by evaluating the impact of our interventions. It's a continuous cycle of survey, insight, action and review.

Our ACTION programmes

Effective Communication: Evaluates upward, downward, horizontal and informal communication flows. It is the combination of these four interactions that provide a holistic impression of how well your organisation communicates and the impact this may be having on productivity and performance.

Building a Culture of Trust: A culture-change tool that enhances organisation effectiveness. It teaches managers and directors how to build employees' trust through their daily interactions with them. Why trust? Because it's a key driver of the employee experience and engagement. Better working relationships lead to greater motivation and engagement, customer retention and advocacy, productivity and, ultimately, financial performance.

Wellbeing Culture: Wellbeing is a key part of an organisation's culture so our focus is to help you create a positive culture rather than measuring statements about health and safety or more objective features. We track the elements that drive a culture of wellbeing: the work environment, mental and physical health, financial security, interpersonal relationships, work-life balance and being fulfilled at work.

Creating a Culture of Action: This Programme shows HR teams how they can successfully cascade and action survey results within the organisation following these basic steps:

  • Understanding your survey results
  • Prioritising areas for action
  • Defining an action plan
  • Implementing, monitoring and measuring the impact of interventions from the action plan
  • Communicating throughout the process

Tailored programmes: Based on your current employee survey results and organisational challenges, we can also design HR improvement programmes specifically targeted at your requirements.

We're developing additional Programmmes too so keep an eye on this page!

What each ACTION Programme includes:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Initial diagnostic
  • Presentation of results
  • Employee involvement
  • Action planning session
  • Implementation of tailored interventions
  • Monitoring
  • Impact evaluation
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