Showing managers the importance of trust and how to build it

What is it?
Our High Trust Workshop teaches managers and directors how to build employees' trust through their daily interactions with them. It's a culture change tool enhancing organisation effectiveness, manager by manager, team by team. It starts with a one day workshop and a follow-up programme.

Who's the training for?

People trust senior management less than they do their line managers. So the Building Trust Workshop is particularly important for top and middle managers. In some organisations there is a need for everyone to be a leader, particularly where the organisation has to operate quickly and flexibly to keep up with competition or meet clients' specific needs. In these organisations, everyone should take part in the Building Trust Workshop for maximum impact on business performance.

What are the benefits?

Managers find it easier to get things done, especially making changes, and employees don't spend so much time examining the motives of their managers or watching their backs. The benefits at organisational level can be significant too – better working relationships lead to greater motivation and engagement, customer retention and advocacy, productivity and, ultimately, financial performance.

Why choose our High Trust Workshop?

  • The world’s best workplaces have found that a strong culture built on trust is their competitive advantage so it makes sense to know how to build and sustain it.
  • No other management or leadership course focuses on the importance of organisational trust at individual level and how to build it
  • Trust is critical in any relationship. Here managers and leaders learn how to create and sustain trust in the people they manage and interact with which is so essential for building a great workplace culture.
  • Managers learn how to foster teamwork and create an environment that encourages employees to go above and beyond by:

    • Leveraging daily interactions to build trust and maximise team performance
    • Analysing the effectiveness of current management methods – where each manager excels and where small shifts can have big impacts
    • Infusing the practices they already have in place with the 5 characteristics found in the best management practices
    • Creating action plans to implement changes and new practices within the team.
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