Effective People Practices Workshop - learn what the best organisations do that make them successful!

Creating – and sustaining – a high performing, successful business is the ultimate goal of every leader. But:

  • How do you build and sustain the kind of culture that attracts and retains talent, talent that can deliver the organisation’s goals?
  • What are the key leadership and people practices that your organisation needs to deliver well if it is to nurture a collaborative, innovative and motivated workforce?
  • And what do successful businesses do, and do differently, that sets them apart from their peers?

Our Effective People Practices Workshop gives participants exclusive insight into the foundations of a great workplace covering ten leadership and people practice areas shown by our research to be key in creating a high-trust culture.

What will you learn?

  • The ten leadership and people practice areas that are the foundation of an effective workplace culture.
  • For each of the ten leadership and people practice areas, the difference between good practice and best practice, with examples from organisations across different sectors and sizes.
  • How your workplace culture and people practices compare to average and best-in-class organisations.
  • Practical ideas that you can implement in your own organisation, drawn from our database of the best people practices.
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