Are your internal communications hindering business success?

Effective communication is essential as it ultimately impacts productivity and performance. Effective communications are responsible for:

  • The way in which employees understand the objectives and mission of the organisation and their role in it
  • Giving employees a sense of purpose which is so important for building commitment to delivering the organisation's goals – that what they do is more than 'just a job'
  • Building strong working relationships throughout the organisation
  • Encouraging collaboration and co-operation across teams
  • Making people feel valued, individually and as part of a team.

Effective communication improves the employee experience, increases morale and motivation and ultimately impacts business performance.
Effective communications can improve people skills and reduce staff turnover

Line managers are a key communication channel between senior management and the workforce; they also build positive relationships with and between the people they manage. Yet many managers feel ill-equipped for this role and a poor relationship with their direct reports is often the cause of staff turnover.

ACTION's Effective Communications Programme will give your managers a better understanding of how to build and maintain positive relationships with the people they manage. Not only can it lead to lower staff turnover, it will bring individuals and teams together, create a more productive and inspirational environmment and generally make the workplace a more efficient, enjoyable and stress-free place to be.
Effective communications programme - our approach

The Programme focuses on these four key communication flows:

  • Downward – this is when senior leadership shares information with employees at lower levels in an organisation.
  • Upward – this is from the workforce to the management and leadership.
  • Horizontal – this is the flow of messages between employees, teams or departments on the same organisational level.
  • Informal - informal communications are outside an organisation's established channels for transmitting information. It has some disadvantages when it takes the form of rumours or gossip, spreading confusion and misinformation which is harmful and difficult to shut down.

You can read more about these four communication flows here.

Improve communications, improve business performance

By following ACTION's Effective Communications Programme your corporate communications will improve. It will allow managers to learn from employees and employees to better understand what management is trying to achieve and why, and how individually and collectively they can help the business achieve those aims.

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