Evaluating your culture

It's your leadership and people practices that help create the culture employees experience and which we measure through our Trust Index employee survey. We evaluate your organisation's culture through our Culture Audit, a document completed by HR.

Our global research has identified ten practice areas that organisations need to perform well in order to create the kind of culture where people and performance can flourish. These are: Hiring, Inspiring, Speaking, Listening, Caring, Developing, Thanking, Celebrating, Sharing and Leaving.

Seventeen open-ended, essay style self-reported questions, mapped against these 10 practice areas, are asked to help us understand your culture.  Your response to each question is evaluated and scored based on a number of criteria such as variety and originality.

The Culture Audit is unique to Great Place to Work. No other consultancy compares what leaders think they are delivering - or intend to deliver through their culture - with what is actually being delivered and experienced by employees.

Measuring the employee experience

Our Trust Index© survey measures employees' experience of the culture you create through your leadership and people practices.  A great workplace culture is built on trust and so our employee survey measures the levels of trust and engagement in your workforce. It also provides insights into how employees feel about their workplace and is designed to show how an organisation’s culture impacts levels of advocacy, discretionary effort and intention to stay.

The survey consists of 58 core statements across 19 core business areas, most of which can be influenced by leaders and managers and so can proactively help drive engagement. These include values and ethics, communication, pay and reward and learning and development. The statements also explore the five key workplace dimensions of Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie, dimensions which our research shows are essential elements of a high-trust workplace culture.

Together, the 58 core statements explore the key inter-connected relationships between:

  • Employees and management
  • Employees and their jobs/the organisation
  • Employees and their colleagues

There are also two open-ended questions which ask employees what they think makes the organisation a great place to work and what they would like to see improved.

We provide a range of comms, including this video, to help your workforce understand the purpose of the survey and how their views can help create an even better workplace for them.

Analysing the results

When we analyse your Trust Index and Culture Audit results, we look at three potential gaps between:

  • Your current culture and your desired culture – are your published values really being lived and experienced by everyone?
  • How your people practices compare with the UK average, best-in-class organisations such as the UK’s Best Workplaces or other organisations in your sector.
  • Your people practices and how they are perceived by employees – are they landing in the way they need to?

These three areas are critical to get right as they will help in your journey from a 'good' workplace to a ‘great’ workplace. The combined scores of the Culture Audit© and Trust Index© employee survey can tell us which of the ten HR and management practice areas your organisation is successfully addressing and those which need improvement. Watch the video 'How do we assess your organisation?' for more info.


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