The evidence - investing in people works!

Being recognised as a Best Workplace helps build employer branding. It's a great way of saying 'we're an employer of choice' and can help differentiate orgnisations in a competitive jobs market. Best Workplaces typically attract 40% more job applications than their peers as people see them as the kind of place they want to work.

Creating and maintaining a culture with a positive employee experience is not only the right way to run a business, ultimately it's the most profitable. Organisations which adopt the Great Place to Work global model put their employees at the heart of what they do. They create workplace cultures which are ultimately more productive, more innovative.

Research on Great Place to Work data shows:

  • There are higher levels of trust in Best Workplace organisations - 85% compared to just 55% in the average organisation. Why is that important? Because trust is a key driver of engagement and engagement ultimately impacts productivity, performance and profit.
  • Best Workplaces™ outperform the market by 2-3% a year (1)
  • Preliminary research by the Human Capital Management Institute shows that for every 1% increase in engagement scores (as measured by the Trust Index), Best Workplaces™ enjoyed returns of between £75,000 and £1,000,000, depending on the level of investment and size of organisation.
  • Values-driven organisations outperform their peers. Research by the University of Chicago shows there is a positive relationship between a culture of strong values (‘high integrity’), as perceived by employees, and organisational performance.  Organisations with ‘high integrity’ also have higher levels of customer satisfaction. Conversely, there is no relationship between an organisation publicising its values and its financial performance. Having values does not mean that people will live by them. (2)


1.  Prof. Alex Edmans, London Business School, Employee Satisfaction and Firm Value, 2014

2. Guiso, Luigi and Sapienza, Paola and Zingales, Luigi, Chicago University,The Value of Corporate Culture  (2013).

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