What is your data telling you?

Your Trust Index©  and Culture Audit© generate a lot of data. Our job is to analyse it and tell you what it is saying - what you are doing well, areas that could be improved and how your performance compares with other organisations.  We also provide examples of best practice to inform and inspire you. Our Insight Tool puts your data at your fingertips, giving you access to a range of invaluable internal and external data while our Executive Presentations, delivered by senior workplace consultants, give you the all-important insights behind the numbers. So you have an informed, evidence-based view of where your organisation needs to focus its efforts for maximum impact. Our support doesn't stop there. Having identified the issues that need addressing and why, we can work with you to develop a plan of action for measureable results.

Keep your finger on the pulse with our Insight Tool

The Insight Tool gives you access to your own data so you can see how you are performing internally as well as compared to some of the most progressive workplaces in the UK and globally. You can view the information online, filter according to various criteria to get the picture you need and then print a report. Once the survey is running, you can also monitor response rates by location, function or manager.

Reporting functions include:

Benchmarking - internal

  • Explore different levels of your hierarchy and benchmark at multiple levels of the organisation – eg. age, gender, tenure, location, function, etc. plus bespoke demographics.
  • Filter by individual categories – e.g. communications – or statements.
  • Includes an exec summary with a helicopter overview of results across your operations
  • Historical benchmarking of data from subsequent years' surveys.

Benchmarking - external

  • UK average
  • Best Workplace™ organisations
  • Industry

Comments analysis

  • Records how employees respond to the two open-ended questions in the survey - what they think makes your organisation unique, and what they would like to see changed.
  • Includes themed analysis which links employee comments to the 19 categories covered in the survey.


 Trust Index Survey Executive Presentation

  • Provides an overview of the Trust Index© employee survey results at organisational level and is aimed at a senior leadership or HR audience. It is delivered on site.
  • Our Engagement Consultant brings context to your results and provides a narrative as to what the results mean so you get insight, not just information.
  • We look at the 19 survey categories and statements in order to identify areas of relative strength and weakness when compared to external benchmarks and Key Drivers. This dual perspective helps to identify the real priorities for action.
  • We use example employee comments in order to illustrate the narrative and give context.
  • A review of the differences by demographics allows us to identify issues that may be particularly pertinent to a specific department where you would need to take targeted action.

Culture Audit Executive Presentation

  • A face-to-face session delivered on site by our Culture Change Consultant.
  • Shows what is distinctive, special or unusual about your organisation’s leadership and people practices and how they compare to the UK's Best Workplaces. Provides  in-depth insight into the strengths of the policies, practices and procedures you have in place across the 10 practice areas and highlights areas for development.
  • Demonstrates the relationship between between the culture as described in your Culture Audit© and employees' perception of it through the Trust Index© survey results.
  • Highlights any gaps between what your leaders think they are delivering or intend to deliver through their culture with what is actually being delivered and experienced by employees.
  • Identifies any policies which are not landing as they should and why, and provides examples of effective practices from the UK's Best Workplaces.
  • Includes any appropriate feedback on practical details around your submission designed to improve future submissions.

Trust Index employee survey headline results video

A short animated overview of your survey results. Ideal for giving employees a flavour of what the organisation does well, where it needs to improve and what the next steps are. Clients love it! Here's an example:


Digging deeper - linking employee experience to business performance

Our advanced analytics solutions can extract further insights from your data, helping create detailed and specific pictures of how the employee experience impacts business performance and, importantly, why.  

Linkage Analysis: connecting the dots to create a full picture

Tracking financial KPIs is crucial, as is tracking HR metrics. But most importantly Finance and HR need to analyse their respective data jointly in order to boost business results. This way, both finance and HR have full visibility of key issues such as costs, strategic assets and indicators of business success.

Linkage analysis connects business outcomes with the employee experience at work e.g. combining Customer Experience (CX) figures with employee engagement scores across an orgnisation's offices, or a shop across its stores.The results allow comparisons and can help you identify the reasons behind poor performance of some locations (high staff turnover, lack of customer service skills training, etc.).

Key Driver Analysis

Key driver analysis (KDA) tells you what is most important to your employees so you know where to focus your priorities. Most employers want their staff to experience a great culture at work but often don't know where to start. KDA means you can focus your improvement work on the things that matter most to your employees but which may not necessarily be the things they score the lowest. With KDA results in hand, HR managers can make informed decisions about allocating money and resources on what is likely to produce improvements in engagement, giving them ‘the biggest bang for their buck’ and potentially leading to improved scores for engagement in future surveys.

Workforce Segmentation

Workforce segmentation identifies groups with one or more similar characteristics. This analysis provides insight into how your organisation is performing when it comes to employee’ staff turnover and burnout. By combining Trust Index survey data we are able to identify, for instance, those employees who have a negative experience at work and are about to leave. The analysis will show who they are and where they are. By segmenting your workforce you can:

  • Connect survey results with relevant business and HR outcomes.
  • Identify issues and seek tailored solutions for different groups.
  • Design HR interventions to keep employees engaged.
  • Inform talent forecasting and resource planning.
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