A great workplace is one where people:

  • Feel valued and trusted
  • Have a sense of purpose - that what they do is not 'just a job'
  • Are proud of what they do and who they work for
  • Have opportunities to develop personally and professionally
  • Are encouraged to balance their work and their personal lives - they feel able to put their needs ahead of those of the business
  • Are committed to doing their best and enjoy working with their colleagues to deliver the organisation's goals
  • Are more customer focused and brand ambassadors of the business.

 A great workplace:

  • Prioritises their people. They focus on trusting, listening to and caring for their employees. Employee wellbeing is high on the agenda.
  • Has strong, effective leadership and line management.
  • Has a strong culture aligned to a strong business strategy.
  • Have higher levels of trust, a key driver of engagement. The average organisation has trust levels of just 55% compared to best in class organisations which have trust levels of 85%.
  • Are more collaborative, more innovative.
  • They attract and retain more talent -  the best attract on average 40% more applications than other organisations.
  • They have less absenteeism - an average of 2.7 days a year compared to the national average of 6.3 days*.
  • Are generally more profitable - Best Workplaces outperform the market by an average of 2-3% a year. See more evidence here.


What does a great workplace look like from the employee's perspective?


 What does a great workplace look like from the manager's perspective?


 *  CIPD Absence Management Survey 2016, Great Place to Work data   

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